Commissioners To Discuss Funding For Indigent Defense Coordinator Program, More

Staff Report

This morning, the Hays County Commissioners Court will discuss and consider the possible authorization the execution of the FY 21 Texas Indigent Defense Commission Hays County Indigent Defense Coordinator Program grant.

The grant award is in the amount o $51,531 and requires a budget amendment if the item is approved.

The Commissioners’ Court authorized the submission of the grant application on Aug. 6, 2019.

According to the agenda, the funds will provide support to the Indigent Defense Coordinator who improves the appointment process and provides documentation that Hays County is in compliance with the Fair Defense Act.

Additional revenue was awarded to the program and matching funds were budget during the Fiscal Year 2021 budget process.

Judge Ruben Becerra received the notice of the grant award on Sept. 15.

The breakdown of the funding provided can be read below.

Direct Costs:

  1. Personnel (Total Number of FTEs: 1): $49,913
  2. Fringe Benefits: $22,279
  3. Travel and Training: $2,000
  4. Equipment: $0
  5. Supplies: $3,100
  6. Contract Services
  7. Indirect Costs

Total Proposed Costs: $77,292

Less Cash from Other Sources – County Match: $25,761

Total Amount Funded by Commission: $51,531

In other business, the Commissioners will discuss and consider possible action regarding the County procurement process; the item was sponsored by Becerra but no background information was provided.

Commissioners will also discuss and consider possible action to accept an additional spending plan utilizing the Coronavirus Relief Funds for COVID-19 Response and Recovery efforts and amend the budget accordingly.

According to the agenda, on June 30, 2020, the Commissioners Court accepted the initial 20% allocation authorized through the certifications to the Texas Department of Emergency Management (TDEM) related to the CRF funds.

A detailed plan and recommended programs are expected to be submitted to the court for review and approval to utilize the balance of the initial 20% of the funds received in June as well as utilizing a portion of the remaining funds allocated to Hays County.

Commissioners Court will convene at 9 AM in the courtroom on the 3rd Floor of the Historic Hays County Courthouse.

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