Hays County Announces Park Closures

Hays County officials announced Wednesday, March 25, the closure of all county parks until further notice. 

This includes Five Mile Dam Parks, Jacob’s Well Natural Area, and the Gay Ruby Dahlstrom Nature Preserve.

The closures are effective immediately. Due to the coronavirus, several municipalities have already announced the closures of their public and neighborhood parks. 

The City of Buda announced yesterday all parks, trails, sports fields, and public bathrooms until further notice.

On Monday, the City of San Marcos announced the closure of their playscapes, dog park, skate park, and Restrooms.

Yesterday, San Marcos officials also announced that all riverfront parks would be closed starting March 24 at 11 PM. 

Parks affected include Rio Vista, City Park, Plaza Park, Veramendi, Bicentennial, Children’s Park, Crook Park, Veteran’s Memorial Park, Dog Beach, Capes Park, Thompson’s Island, Stokes Park, Ramon Lucio Park, and Wildlife Annex/Wilderness Park.

These park closures follow the confirmation of the ninth case of COVID-19 today from the Hays County Health Department. 

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  1. I was unaware and out walking along the river with my wife as we usually do, before being told to leave by park rangers. There was hardly anyone around so this seems unnecessary and heavy handed.

    1. The parks were closed this morning with immediate effect instead of a delayed as other entities have done. San Marcos at least gave people until 11 PM to become aware of it. But it does seem heavy-handed, especially, if the parks in question are designed primarily for exercise such as walking, running or cycling. Don’t know many people who visit a trail system to socialize.

    2. Yup…while “DAY CARE” businesses remain wide open !
      I mean, under the circumstances you’re much safer locked up in a little room with a dozen others, aren’t you?

  2. City Bozos have closed our Parks as were designed for “social distancing”.
    More, they’ve closed the public restrooms, so homeless are now sh*tting on the grass.
    Hence, observe our city leaders in action when not being told what to think by Texas State.

    1. Nope. It’s for your health.
      You see, as a result of closing the park restrooms, the homeless are now using the great outdoors !
      Hence, the City doesn’t want our citizens exposed to that new problem. See?

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