National Mutt Day Brings Attention To Mixed-Breed Shelter Dogs

Corridor Staff

July 31, is National Matt Day, and what better way to celebrate than adopting a mixed breed shelter dog and who doesn’t want a great companion or a shadow following you from room to room? 

According to National Today, National Mutt Day brings attention to the mixed breed dogs who sometimes get overlooked. This holiday inspires people to learn more about adopting one. 

Besides the San Marcos Animal Shelter there are several regional animal shelters to choose from including the Animal Defense Leauge of Texas (ADL) in San Antonio.

According to the ADL of Texas website, the ADL was chartered in 1934 and is a non-profit organization that is a true no-kill shelter for abandoned, abused, or neglected dogs and cats.

Their mission is to enhance the quality of life for these animals by providing needed medical care, including spaying and neutering. Food, shelter, and safety are also provided – along with compassion and attention. While maintaining a healthy and loving facility,. The ADL strives to find the best possible home for each resident animal.

Happy National Mutt Day!

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