P Terry’s And Favor Delivery Partner Up, Donates $4,000 To HCWC

Pictured above is Patrick Terry (P Terry’s Founder), HCWC staff Marla Johnson and Melissa Rodriguez, Todd Coerver (P Terry’s CEO) and Stephen Pho (Favor Delivery President).

P Terry’s recently opened their San Marcos location and as a symbol of their commitment to the San Marcos community chose local nonprofit, Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center to benefit from proceeds their special event.

As an amazing bonus, Favor Delivery also decided to match all proceeds from this event. Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center (HCWC) has been serving victims of family violence, dating violence, sexual assault and child abuse for over 40 years and served 2,111 individuals this past year alone.

“It’s community partners like P Terry’s and Favor Delivery that remind us of the importance of true local community investment. We not only appreciate the generous donation which greatly benefit the clients served at HCWC daily but also the awareness that is increased when customers see their willingness to give these important issues”, said, HCWC Executive Director Marla Johnson.

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  1. “(HCWC) has been serving females [who recklessly encourage] family violence, dating violence, sexual assault and child abuse for over 40 years” arising from repeated refusal of the alleged victim to disengage in activities which she knew would result in outcome at hand, including refusal to participate in remedies she knew were available long before the situation imploded.

    My response here does not by any means advocate the eventual outcome of violence taken against anyone in the absence of available alternative. My response speaks to the knowing choices historically shown taken by the majority of females in control of a choice which inevitably involves others. In other words, it takes two to tango. Go ask Adam about Eve’s victimhood.

    My credentials for such inflammatory accusations? 16+ years experience as investigator appointed by the courts on behalf of family violence rising to criminal subject matter. Violence is not born in a vacuum.

    Ask any coward of a man whose only request is that another please stop torturing and provoking him with words especially when those words are true, and simply break off the conversation and walk away. Ask this coward whether in the event that courtesty had been extended to him, if he would have still struck out in violence. As you will note, the above question involves a “coward of a man” who by nature will not stand up for himself.

    Leave “real men” out of this matter, as never in my professional experience did I ever come across the remants of family violence involving a “good man gone bad”, rather it always involved the outcome of a “victim” now accusing her second-rate choice of partner for having refused to ignore her provocations which, should the truth be known, were calculated to result in an outcome she knew would involve violence.

    On the high seas it is said that: You cannot get to “there”, unless first knowing you are here.
    HCWC offers needed assistance–the problem is that most “victims” still refuse to admit where they are at, and why.

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