San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter Releases Data Regarding Buda Animal Cruelty Case

San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter Releases Data Regarding Buda Animal Cruelty Case

The San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter is still re-homing animals rescued from last November’s large animal cruelty seizure case near Buda.

In total, the shelter took in 176 animals from The Leisure Cat (TLC) Animal Rescue that were living in brutal and inhumane conditions.

SMRAS staff and team members continue working to find homes and care for the animals.

“This was the largest seizure case our animal shelter has ever had to deal with, and the deplorable living conditions and poor health of the animals made it even more challenging,” said Animal Services Manager Kara Montiel.

Several of the cats were exposed to Histoplasmosis while in the care of the TLC Rescue. This proved fatal for some of the cats while several others were successfully treated. “To nurse 93 percent of the animals back to health, and so far, find homes for 85 percent of them in a little over three months, that’s an amazing accomplishment,” said Montiel.

“These statistics are a direct reflection of the dedication of our staff, our shelter veterinarian, our amazing local volunteers, and the valuable crews from Animal Investigation and Response (AIR) and Red Rover,” said Neighborhood Enhancement Director Jeff Caldwell.

Of the animals that were microchipped, data linked them to various shelters and rescues such as the Lockhart Animal Shelter, TLC, TLC fosters, and various cat trappers from Austin. Most of the microchipped animals did not have current registration associated with the microchip.

Below is the latest data from the seizure as of February 8:


  •  Cats: 161
  • Dogs: 15


  • Returned to Owner: 1 cat; 2 dogs
  • Adopted: 56 cats; 6 dogs
  • Transferred: 70 cats; 4 dogs
  • Return to field: 11 cats; 0 dogs
  • Died: 3 cats; 0 dogs
  • Euthanized: 7 cats; 2 dogs

Still at SMRAS:

  • Adoptable: 6 cats; 1 dog
  • Undergoing treatment: 7 cats; 0 dogs

For additional reference, animals transferred were only sent to other documented and verified shelters or rescues. The 11 cats returned to field were feral.

The animals were spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and released in areas where they are fed and free to roam as part of our barn cat program. Seven cats and two dogs were euthanized to minimize suffering after they did not respond to repeated treatment.

Adoption Special for Remaining Rescued Animals

The shelter is lowering the adoption fee to $1 for all of the remaining animals from the seizure in hopes of helping them find a forever home. All adoptions include the animal’s spay or neuter, microchip, rabies vaccination, kennel vaccinations, and city license.

More Information

To see a list of all of the animals rescued, their outcome, and pictures from the seizure, visit:

Shelter staff will be available to do media interviews. If you would like to arrange an interview, please contact Community Outreach Coordinator Lauren Lanmon at


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