San Marcos transit delays on Bus Route 1

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SAN MARCOS — Due to a shortage in regional bus drivers caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, some CARTS routes may not be able to maintain the current 30-minute pickup frequency. The City of San Marcos and CARTS are working to maintain the 30-minute frequency for Route 1, however, there may be times that enough drivers are not available and Route 1 may need to be adjusted from a 30-minute to a 1-hour frequency.

Passengers must wear a face covering while riding public transportation and local SMTX The Bus routes will remain fare-free until further notice. For up-to-date information and route frequency, contact San Marcos Transit Station at 512-805-7433.

For information on job opportunities with SMTX The Bus, visit or email

For more information, contact the Transit Division of the Public Works Department at 512-393-8487.

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  1. CARTS may NOT require the public to wear masks.
    CARTS is a state agency chartered under Chapter 458 Texas Transportation Code.
    Governor’s Order EO-34 presently withholds all state agencies from imposing mask requirements.
    A CARTS bus is a “public place” — NOT a private business.

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