What To Expect On San Marcos Roads During Week Of Sunday, Jan. 14 – Saturday, Jan. 20

San Marcos’ Weekly Road Construction & Traffic Report

Short & Long Term Road Construction Projects Affecting San Marcos Traffic Saturday, January 14  – Sunday, January 20, 2017

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EAST MCCARTY: The West Bond Lane at the Amazon Entrance will be closed from for driveway repairs. Derrick Ward, Greater Austin Development 512.310.9300. Jan. 24
7 AM
Jan. 26
4 PM
CHESTNUT STREET: From Walnut to Acorn will be closed daily for sidewalk construction. City of San Marcos Engineering/CIP Dept., 512.393.8130.    Dec. 11      Jan. 31   
DURANGO STREET: Durango St. between Jaurez St and Luciano Flores Street will be closed for reclaimed waterline project. Rockin Q Construction  512.738.6666. Oct. 30
7 AM
 Dec. 24
5 PM
LP 82: Loop 82 and IH-35 Interchange signals will be on flash or temporarily dark while City crews work on improvements to signal operations at the displaced-left interchange. City Transportation Engineer: 512.739.8306  Jan. 14
8 PM
Jan. 14
11 PM
MAC ARTHUR STREET: Mac Arthur St. will be closed for utility work. Miguel Angel, 512.351.6479. Jan. 12
8 AM 
Jan. 12
5 PM 
LONG TERM CLOSURE – WOODS STREET: A segment of Woods Street between Comanche and North Street will be closed during construction of the new Texas State University Engineering & Science Building until Aug. 2018. Project Manager Scott Rouse, 512.245.2202. Aug. 2015   Aug.
LONG TERM CLOSURE – MCKIE ST: will be closed from IH-35 Frontage Rd. to apartment entrance for Utility installation. Rockin Q Construction 512.738.6666. Dec. 1
7 AM 
Mar. 1
5 PM 
LONG TERM CLOSURE – MCKIE ST: Mckie St. will be closed from IH35 frontage Rd. to apartment entrance for utility installation. Rockin Q Construction, 512.738.6666. July 24
7 AM
Dec. 1
5 PM
LONG TERM CLOSURE – VISTA ST: All lanes in both directions will be closed from 310 – 312 Vista Street for utility construction Texas State University, 512.245.2202. Present    July 31    2018
LONG TERM CLOSURE – SESSOM DR: Various lane closures from N. LBJ to Aquarena Springs Dr. for road construction. City of San Marcos Engineering/CIP Dept, 512.393.8130. Present Jan. 2018
LONG TERM CLOSURE – LUCIANO FLORES STREET: Luciano Flores from Cape St. to Tampico St. will be closed in both directions for Utility Installation. Bob Quinn Rockin Q Construction 512.738.6666 Jan. 1
8 AM
Feb. 2
5 PM
LONG TERM CLOSURE – LP 82/AQUARENA SPRINGS: TxDOT introduced a new traffic signal at the intersection of Post/Bobcat traffic will be detoured to the new signal. TxDOT, 512.393.8130. Feb.
LONG TERM CLOSURE – EAST SAN ANTONIO STREET – EVERY SATURDAY: Half a block closed from the alley to N. LBJ every Saturday from for the Farmers Market on the Square. Main Street Program, 512.393.8430.  Sat.
8 AM
3 PM 


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