Happy Thanksgiving From Our Family To Yours

Left to right: Melissa Jewett, Terra Rivers, Ashley LeBlanc, Curry Wyman, Jeff Jewett, Lauren Vrana, Holly Ratcliff; Missing from picture: Andrew Blanton, Marissa Harris and Nic Stevens

block-quote-verticle-purple-bar-7x100The scent of freshly baked pumpkin pie and sweet potatoes fills your nose. Young voices sound outside while the football is tossed around and the crowd cheers from the professional game of the tube. white-bar-575x10


Today, people spend days preparing for a meal that lasts only a few hours in reality. Thanksgiving can be a stressful time of year. It’s hard to avoid squabbles when multiple generations all come together for a good dinner.

In an age of electronics and social media, it’s an opportunity for face to face conversations and the bond it creates. It’s a chance for backyard football games and the favorite board games that bring out rivalries and competitiveness in every generation.

But most importantly, Thanksgiving is about being thankful for what we have, the people in our lives, making it through another year and for everyone that is still with us. And for those who have left us, it’s a moment to be grateful for the time we had with them, the wonderful lives they led and the legacy they’ve left behind.

Here at the San Marcos Corridor News, we are thankful for our wonderful team without whom we would not be able to bring you your local news.

We’re thankful for our advertisers who chose to market their business with us and to you, our readers, who give us the opportunity every day to be your source for news about what’s happening in Hays County.

San Marcos is home to a diverse and wonderful community of people, and we are proud and happy to be a part of and serve it into the future.



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