Hays County Sheriff’s Office alerts residents of phone scam

Sierra Martin | Managing Editor

HAYS COUNTY — The Hays County Sheriff’s Office has reported a recent instance of a phone scam that may affect local residents. On Friday, June 10, 2022, a Harris County resident was contacted by voicemail by a man posing as Chief Deputy Mike Davenport of Hays County Sheriff’s Office.

Upon contacting the number provided, a voice mailbox identified the number as belonging to the “Hays County Sheriff’s Department Warrants and Civil Citations Division.” According to the HCSO, contact was eventually established. The caller stated that a jury summons had been sent in April to the victim’s correct and current address (which the caller recited).

“The caller told the victim that because they did not show up, they would receive a citation, and to avoid arrest, the victim would have to pay a $900.00 (cash only) fine at a local “payment kiosk,” then take the receipt to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office and receive a mileage reimbursement,” the HCSO said in a Facebook post. 

The HCSO said the caller required the victim to stay on the line as he drove to the kiosk at a local gas station. The caller texted a QR code for the victim to use at the kiosk.

The HCSO said they do not call to collect fines or notify people of warrants over the phone, and private businesses are not used to conduct official County business. Additionally, fines are not required to be paid in cash, and fines not delivered in person to the court are only accepted by mail.

The Sheriff’s Office suspects that this victim of the scam may also be a victim of some level of identity theft since the suspect already had personal information.

The HCSO asks that you contact them directly at 512-393-7896 if you suspect you are being scammed. 

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