Gary Job Corps’s Management Firm Loses Contract, Under Investigation For Health & Safety Issues

A plastic tote covered exposed electrical wires on the floor, bugs and rat feces throughout the clinic and an overall “deteriorating and poor condition” of the health facility itself.

By, Terra Rivers, Managing Editor

In June 2017, the Department of Labor launched an investigation into the Gary Job Corps Center (GJCC) in San Marcos.

Job Corps is a no-cost education and career technical training program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor that helps young people, ages 16 to 24, improve the quality of their lives through career technical and academic training. It was created in 1964 during President Lyndon B. Johnson’s administration.

Built in 1965, the GJCC in San Marcos is the largest job corps center in the United States.

In May of 2017, a former contracted employee filed a complaint with the department of labor for contract fraud and violations. The complaint was filed under 41 U.S.C. 4705, sections 3.901 through 3.906, which grants whistleblower protections to employees of contractors, subcontractors, grantee or subgrantee or personal services contractor.

41 U.S.C. 4705

An employee of a contractor, subcontractor, grantee, or subgrantee or personal services contractor may not be discharged, demoted, or otherwise discriminated against as a reprisal for disclosing to a person or body described in paragraph (2) information that the employee reasonably believes is evidence of gross mismanagement of a Federal contract or grant, a gross waste of Federal funds, an abuse of authority relating to a Federal contract or grant, a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety, or a violation of law, rule, or regulation related to a Federal contract (including the competition for or negotiation of a contract) or grant.

The complainant reported Gary Job Corps Human Resources and administration had fired him for being a whistleblower on the condition of the center’s dental health clinic.

During an audit, he reported the facility lacked not only the equipment needed but was not up to health and building code standards itself.

The complainant began working for GJCC on July 18, 2016. According to his complaint, he identified “serious deficiencies in the dental diagnostic equipment at the facility.”

The dental clinic at GJCC lacked a Bite-wing x-ray machine, which is used by dentists to diagnose decay and bony pathologies, within 15 days of his employment. The machine also helps with the detection and treatment of root canal therapy, cysts and tumors.

While the clinic did possess a panoramic x-ray machine, it was inoperable for 10 weeks out of the 2 years it had been in operation at the clinic. However, it was not sufficient to diagnosis all of the dental health issues students at Gary Job Corps were experiencing.

The complainant described the clinic lacked sinks for employees to wash their hands before, during and after dental procedures or exams. A plastic tote covered exposed electrical wires on the floor, bugs and rat feces throughout the clinic and an overall “deteriorating and poor condition” of the health facility itself.

Without the equipment, the complainant reported he could not fulfill the requirements of his employment contract with MTC, thus being out of compliance with the Texas Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE) Licensee Rules and Regulations. The lack of the necessary equipment also made the clinic uncompliant with the center’s Policy and Requirements Handbook 6.10, R2.

According to the complainant, MTC and the Health and Wellness Administrator, Brenda Brooks, ignored requests to purchase the necessary x-ray machine and to correct the additional health and safety issues reported by the complainant.

In January 2017, Gary Job Corps Center was visited by a federal assessor/inspector. The inspector received a report detailing the deficiencies at the center’s health clinic.

After the report was filed, the complainant said he was interrupted in the middle of a dental procedure for a meeting with the Job Corps Center Director, Lonnie Hall, to discuss the complainant’s concerns for the clinic and his patients. Following the 45-minute meeting, he was taken over to HR and officially terminated.

The termination papers were signed and dated two days before the complainant was actually terminated.

“This story is another example of corporate greed and profits taking a front seat to the actual mission of government programs, like Job Corps,” said Brandon Barnes, Fowler Law Firm, P.C., the complainant’s attorney. “Just the same as the private prison epidemic and other instances of public money being squandered or wasted by corporate masters, the same is true with the Job Corps program and MTC’s administration of the Gary Job Corps Center.”

Within 30 days of the complaint’s filing, the DOL informed him that they were launching an investigation with the Department of Labor Office of Investigations (OIG). Within 60-90 days, investigators had already interviewed the complainant and issued subpoenas.

Once an investigation has begun, the DOL has 180 days to complete it. Prior to the deadline, the DOL requested an additional 180 days to complete their investigation. The investigation had expanded from the health clinic to the rest of the facility.

The DOL contracts operations of the job corps center to third-party management companies. Currently, MTC is under contract to manage the facility. In April of 2017, MTC received a one year contract to continue operating GJCC. The solicitation, offer and reward amount was $10.1 million. 

Correction: Corridor News has recently received new information to correct or clarify some information. According to the Department of Labor spokesperson, “Contracts may not be for more than a two-year period, with options to renew the agreement on an annual basis, for not more than three additional years.”

However, on October 20, 2017, Adams And Associates, Inc. was awarded the contract to take over operations management of the center. The new contract is a five-year agreement for $14.6 to $43.7 million per year; the DoL has set a minimum budget of $73.2 million and a maximum budget of $218.5 million for the full five years.

The difference in the amount are the options given by the Department of Labor that could be exercised by the contractor. The contract will start on July 1, 2018, and will end on June 30, 2023.

“This is a big deal, but I think the majority of the local community has no clue what Job Corps is, or what goes on out there,” complainant Graham Shea, D.D.S, said. “The people of San Marcos and Hays County might think after reading this article that I am gold digging, and I was angling for the opportunity just as the law changed. Yes…yay for me!!! But that is not the basis of my claim. That basis will always remain the corrupted, unethical actions, and illegality of MTC’s management of the Gary JCC.”

MTC said the company could not comment on the investigation.

Below are all the facilities that MTC manages in Texas per their website.

MTC Texas Correctional & Treatment Facilities (Male & Female)

  • Billy Moore Correctional Center (513) ACA, CEA, PREA
  • Bridgeport Correctional Center (524) ACA, CEA, PREA
  • Cleveland Correctional Center (529) PREA
  • Diboll Correctional Center (528) ACA, CEA, PREA
  • East Texas Treatment Facility (2,320) ACA, CEA, PREA
  • Kyle Correctional Facility (524) ACA, CEA, PREA
  • Lockhart Correctional Facility (1,018)
  • Sanders Estes Unit (1,049) ACA, CEA, PREA
  • Bradshaw State Jail (1,980)
  • Lindsey State Jail (1,031)

Texas Transitioning Facilities

  • IAH Detention Center (TX) (1,061) ACA

Texas Job Corps Center

  • Texas: Gary (1,471)

MTC Healthcare – Offenders and Detainees

Over the last year or so, the Job Corps program has been under scrutiny around the United States. Below is a list of articles on issues at other Job Corps centers or lawsuits against MTC and other companies.



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  1. The other thing to look at is weather the center is a contract center or is one of the federal centers run by DOL and The Forest Service

  2. I went to Gary back in 2009, and might I say it all makes sense now. They were ran as a correctional facility but called themselves a technical school. No wonder the place felt like a prison.

  3. The Dept of Labor and other authorities might want to take a closer look at the Lockhart prison facility as well. This facility is also contracted to MTC. In my opinion there are a few illegal policies that they have put in place. One example is MTC bullied their officers to sign and agree to the policy of not reporting rape or sexual misconduct of the inmates because it was female on female. If they did not sign, they were threatened with the loss of their job. Rape is rape no matter of the sex of the individual. MTC should be shut down and not allowed to operate especially here in Texas.

    1. Thank you Anonymous,

      This was one of the reasons we published the entire list of Management & Training Corporation’s Texas run facilities. We want our readers to know there could be an MTC managed facility in their own backyard.

      However, the situation you mentioned seems more dire.

      Could this be a prevalent pattern that extends to other cities and states?

      Thank you for reading,
      Your Corridor News Staff

    2. One alarming fact in my employment with MTC/Gary is new hires in my orientation group were told we were to NOT call 9-1-1 in the event of a medical or law enforcement emergency. This was reiterated in staff meetings by Administration. We were to call Gary Job Corps Security via the internal, on-campus number ONLY! It would be solely up to Security to triage the situation and use their discretion to call EMS or Law Enforcement.

      I instructed my staff that if any student, staff, visitor, or lay person who experienced a medical need which was beyond the management capability of our clinic, or if danger existed to any person requiring law enforcement, call 911!! Gary Security gets called afterward, and can deal with their control issues with me personally. My license dictates I treat per the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners Community Standard of Care. And there is an ethical need to just do the right thing…which is clearly not MTC’s policy.

      1. I wanted to add to Anonymous: thank you for speaking out here. One thing that seems to be common among facilities run by MTC is their enacting policies which run counter to “if you see something, say something.” MTC exercises employment control through fear and intimidation, and has something to hide, to not let the lay public learn about their facilities. Gary Job Corps was run like a penal institution with a guard gate that refused access to anyone who did not have access via permission granted through the Center Director. Media, family or friends of students could not gain access, but had to remain in a public parking lot out by Airport Road. Students could not leave without a pass, and had to be escorted to the gate for their dismissal from the campus. I understand security in the name of safety, but these policies were the culture under which all employees worked as well. No, employees did not need permission to leave the facility, but our cars were randomly searched upon entry by unqualified, non-law enforcement Gary Job Corps/MTC Security personnel.

        I say all this because unless employees at Lockhart Correctional Center, and Kyle Correctional Center, stand up and speak out to authorities above their manager, or speak out to Texas Department of Criminal Justice managers, they run the risk of being wrongfully terminated because of not following MTC’s illegal and inappropriate rules. This is MTC’s modus operandi – be careful, but be brave.

      2. That is so true. I worked for job corps for many years and they tried to write me up for calling 911 because a student was hitting me. It is good that mtc loses another another center.

      3. I worked at Gary for a few years up until 2016. I am aware of this policy too and was really suspicious of it at first. However, I learned quickly that the students would use landline phones and call 911 as a prank. They did it often, and because the phone were in communal areas, they were not held accountable. Many outside agencies (not speaking for 911 because I don’t know) would not act on calls from the Center until they could be validated.

  4. The current state of affairs at Gary Job Corps is chaotic at best. Adams & Associates was awarded the contract only to have MTC get an appeal and have Adams & Associates vacate the premises. Some employees already had new job offers, only to have to revert back to MTC. Moral is low, both with staff and students with staff questioning whether or not they will be retained on a daily basis. Currently MTC has a two month extension at Gary, and it will be re evaluated at that time. Ultimately the staff cannot provide the quality services the students require with this level of stress. It is a timely opportunity for the Dept of Labor to take a good look and fix what is broken.

  5. I would also like to add the amount of buddy buddy favoritism and collusion is hiding in plain sight. In certain areas of trades if you are friends with the manager and have lunch and have after work social time, chances are you will be chosen to delegate assignments to more qualified staff, and get elevated to a leadership role, even though complaints have been filed against the individual. Sadly it is a continual pattern that will not end until voices are finally heard. Hopefully if new management comes in they can make a difference.

  6. I would venture to guess more people are not outraged at the malfeasance in the operation of Gary Job Corps because they don’t know about it. Historically, local and regional media has been remiss in investigating and researching the activities at Gary, and it is necessary that this coverage has been undertaken. Because the news of what goes on out there has been silent, no one in our community knows. The less they know, the less they care. As long as it is rosy, peachy good news about Gary, spoon fed by carefully orchestrated internal press releases by Gary/MTC, people in the community, including city, county, and state individuals with power to change the status quo, will never know what is going on. It will take people hearing of this, getting involved, and speaking up. We all need to know, from inside the walls of Gary, what is happening. Then, and only then, will people demand change and prudent use of their tax monies. Again, thank you SM Corridor News for being the one to print the dirt.

    1. Graham,

      You don’t have to thank us for doing our job….. It’s news and that is why we are here.

      Melissa Jewett
      San Marcos Corridor News

        1. Hello Anonymous,

          Wonderful! And I apologize for the delayed response. We attempted to contact you via your provided email and received an error response. If you are still open to talking with us and sharing your story, please reach out to us directly via email

  7. I was an employee as well and when I spoke up about all that was going on, I was treated with disrespect, HR lied to cover up incidences that occurred in regards to current staff. They even told me that you could work under a manager and be kin, as long as you were not related by blood. WHAT? You can also be a man and touch and rub a minor, steal, move a student into your apartment, have relations with other staff members, be a manager and lie about your credentials, take students to dinner, or push a student into a wall and STILL have a job. They just move you out of that dorm and into another dorm. You also can leave a dorm unsupervised for hours at night (with students statements) and still have a job. Especially if that manager is involved with that she add. BUT, if you open your mouth ABOUT THE INCUDENT, they will blackball you and try to fire you. I got screamed at during an incident because they thought I called 911. A student sat in a cold parking lot screaming to the top of her lungs for 45 minutes, I was present, while waiting to be picked up by security. She was vomiting all over the place and doubled over in pain. A student called 911 and all they were worried about was, trying to find out who called 911 and they kept saying, they were not going to pay for it. The student was transported to the hospital with liver disease and was in severe pain. They refused to allow anyone to go with her to the hospital. I was displined for this and I really don’t know why. When I reveled an issue about a manager with an associate degree, oh, this employee told me he was working ibschrkors degree, they gave me a NOC, staying I would be terminated if I spoke about it again. This employee was concerned because the new contractors , Adams and Associates required the residential manager to have a masters degree. He again told me that he was working in his bachelors degree. There evidence if his credit uses on public media. After I received a NOC, I was bombarded with ugly emails and harassed until I couldn’t take it anymore. I left Gary Job Corps after 1.8 years. During which I was harassed, and disrespected through out the 1.8 years. When DOL came, they lied, the dorms have holes, mice, mold, rotting ceilings, asbestos, broken furniture, holes in the walls, staff going into students closets and stealing, a lot more defiencies, way to many to list. Students are using drugs, selling drugs, fighting, and much more. The facility covers it up. I’ve been with Job Corps for 8 years and was appalled by what I saw at Gary Job Coros and how I was mistreated, just for voicing my concerns. I have pictures, statements and emails of all of this. They now are trying to blame me for things that are happening, when in fact, it was was that way when I arrived. If I feel disrespected, then how are these kids feeling. The funny thing is, if you do something wrong and are kin to the upper management, they just move you to another position, but if you are new and speak up about what is happening and what you see, then they try and fire you, while treating you unprofessionally. There are husbands and wives working under each other, which is a conflict if interest, but they will cover that up, as they do everything else. It’s sad and hurts me to think that a facility can be so unethical and racist. I’m currently putting together all my documents and will be looking for an attorney as well. SOMEONE NEEDS TO STOP THE UNETHICAL THINGS THAT ARE GOING ON AT GARY BEFORE SOMEONE GETS HURT OR DIES. When the students do some if the things that staff do, they get terminated, but if your in that circle, staff just get moved. I would gladly speak to you and show you documentation if you would like. This need to be stopped. Oh, there are staff that sell items to these students and have been for years, they have been covering that up too. This staff is still working and selling stuff to the students. I have plenty of people who will back this information up.
    Cudos to the doctor.

    1. Anonymous, your accounting of your period of employment at Gary JCC is significant, especially since you have worked for Job Corps at other Centers prior to Gary. That give the observations you have made, and the experiences you have had, perspective. The someone who needs to step up and effect change at Gary has to come from levels above just the next step in Job Corps Administration. It needs to come from Congressional involvement, law enforcement involvement (for the drugs, assaults, theft, sexual assaults of minors), and the lay public learning of this garbage going on right under their noses, all while MTC and Job Corps Administrators are exposed for looking the other way. The hypocrisy of helping the poorer segments of society to become productive citizens, while the operation of the Job Corps Center remains steeped in corruption, illegal activities, and perpetuated gang culture – for profit!!! – is the very thing that needs to stop. I am tired of my tax money being wasted, and filling the pockets of private management corporations pretending to give a s***!!!!

      Write to your Congressman in your district, and to both US Senators for the State of Texas: Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn. They need to hear it, too!!!

      Thank you for your story…now tell someone else and run it up the flagpole – kids’ live depend on the corruption stopping!!

    2. Gina Mickleson shut the hell up you did a lot of dirt too by having sexual relations with other staff and being the middle of malicious gossip! Just shut up but I have an attorney for you! You are a nasty person!

  8. Anonymous, please consider contacting my attorney, as he is up-to-speed on Job Corps history, past legal issues, documented issues in other Job Corps Centers, and current status of Gary Job Corps. He would be good to at least meet with and discuss your concerns, data and evidence, and personal accounting of issues you experienced. This perspective is very important in getting the justice necessary for employees, students, and the taxpayers! Gary has cancer and has spread to all areas of the organisation. It’s time for hospice!! Reread the article for his name…if you like. I’d be happy to discuss…

    1. My name is Tiffany Farnell and I was employed with Gary Job Corps for four years! You are absolutely right on what you have said. That place is a down right stressful! I was given the opportunity to become a Residential Advisor after I graduated the program! During my time as a student I l was in a relationship with another student. Once I graduated the program and my spouse graduated the program I continued my relationship! I never crossed any of MTC guidelines with any current students while I was staff but was harassed by one of the worst managers that ever step foot on that campus. Her name is Gina Mickleson, she lied on me stating that I had a current student living with me! She went as far as going to my co workers to find out who my spouse was, taking pictures off of my personal social media pages etc. it was so stressful I resigned from my position and I send HR a email with her cc on it about the harassment which I have talked to an attorney about that! She smoked cigarettes on campus, she flirted with male staff and students in front of myself and other staff. She is a theif, came to work smelling like alcohol and the list goes on! She used her position to intimidate Residential staff along with the prime shift supervisor! If I called in I was yelled at and talk down to. Not only that I informed my attorney that she and other managers/supervisors were discussing my medical issues which is a hippa violation ( Thank God I have that documentation in writing). The former deputy director Mrs Matthews was the same way she used her title to intimidate, I was trying to hold a student accountable and she would NOT give staff the opportunity to inform her on the student actions. I was pushed in a corner, caught minors having sex with adults, caught a student with a large amount of marijuana none of those students were held accountable! The gossip in the department is horrible and all around center!! There was a staff on night that spread bad rumors about be that were NOT true! Crystal Manjang and James Williams to name a few. The dorms have mold, every time it rained water will come through the wall, ants all over the bed, mice throughout the dorm and in staff housing. There are staff that are on drugs pain killers and marijuana to be exact! No staff was allowed to call 911, the CDO are rude and will hang up on you! There is so much more but I am glad a new contractor is taking over to put qualified people in these positions! So many unqualified staff are in there high positions working out of their feelings instead of following the rules out of the book! I’m sure this comment will be spread across Gary and I do NOT MIND!


      1. Hi my name is Raquel Dejesu. I was employed with Gary Job corps for 5 months. I was a hard worker who did double shifts and helped out whenever I could. However, upper management never did their JOBS. When I would have issues with students their favorite line was “PUT IN A CASE NOTE”. I would try mediate certain students and certain situations but as always we were cursed out. Did anything happen to the students ? NO!!!!!! When I was working prime shift one day and It was lights out, I went around instructed all female students in 5105 to please turn off the lights. The students ignored my request and became defiant and disrespectful to me. When it became too much after I called the prime shift supervisor Ms. McGarity it was oh just put a case note and send an email. The situation became intense when the female students attempted to come to my office to run towards me and as anyone would do. I attempt to defend myself by standing up to the students because I one from upper management had arrived to 5105. What makes me super upset is that I also called the Manger and. Shitty Pitts and she said the same thing please out a case note and send an email. About a week or two later I had a meeting with Mrs.Lopez and was told I would only work in Male forms until most of the females from 5105 graduated. One day I had just arrived to briefing ready to work and all of a sudden I was told I need to go down to HR for a meeting. Hmm I was thinking what happened??? Soon as I arrived I found HR staff MS. Michelle on campus Ms. Ullman.

        Once I sat down I was instructed by Michelle that I was terminated and that they did not need to answer any questions because I was under 6 months of being there. I said ok went home packed my stuff and within 3 days I flew back to Miami. But what hasn’t gotten under my skin and I also contacted an attorney after I learned that there were rumors and supposedly a video of me having sex with a student. Those malicious rumors degraded my character.

        I am so glad MTC has lost the contract and May the new contractor do it’s part.

      2. At Tiffany Farnell how do you know that other staff including night staff was talking about you. Some of the night staff that you mentioned didn’t even say a word about you when they have nothing against you. From what i heard You was one of the main ones taking two hour lunch breaks and leaving work early and you smoking dope while living next to the supervisor

      1. Thank you,
        I’m getting all my documents in order and will contact him. I’ve got others who are going to come forward as well.
        Thanks again

  9. UPDATE: the situation of Gary Job Corps is critical. Staff quitting staff being fired, substitutes being pulled from other trades with no regard for those students. Students attempt to voice their concerns be a petition and letters to the director only to be told they will be terminated if those are submitted. Students are suffering because substitutes do not have a curriculum to teach and the students basically stay on their phones all day. This is not the instructors fault, and management keeps telling us they are fixing it. The head of human resources has left and there is no solution insight other than Adams and Associates getting in here as soon as possible. Management takes a blind eye and thinks the students do not feel or affected by this and they are. As a current employee I am asked constantly with the status is. I have been specifically told by my management not to talk about it with the students. Programs are getting cut, and morale is so low. Miss Rivers, feel free to contact me for the full Inside Story. While I fear for my job if me remaining Anonymous will be an option but I am open for discussion. Something must be done, students and staff are suffering and nothing is being done about it.

  10. I have posted here several times and the update is it is condition critical at Gary Job Corps. Staff firings staff quitting students protesting only to be told they will be terminated. It is a mess. While I am still a current employee I do fear for my job and hope Adams and Associates comes in soon. I plan on contacting Dr. Sheas lawyer. Ms. Rivers please do not hesitate to contact me via email for the full update.

    1. I was a student that was terminated. Staff said because I shouldn’t be there I should be in a regular school. I couldn’t go to regular school because of my adhd so I dropped out and went to job corps. I got my GED in job corps but apparently it’s not valid out in the real world. So I have issues finding work and trying to further my education because job corps screwed me over. So here I am with no GED and no trade credentials because the facility wasn’t ran correctly. If I wanted to go to jail well I’d go. Been there several times since. Matter of fact I do better in jail then in the real world because Gary was prison. If I knew of some way to sue them for the time of my life they took from me I would.

      1. Nathan, I’m sorry you’re having trouble finding work. I can’t speak for what happened at Gary Job Corps, though it does sound like it has been a mess. But, what kind of support do you think you need? What would help to make you more successful? I’m not saying I can provide it. Frankly, I probably can’t. But at least we can get a conversation started. Maybe others can learn from your experiences or help.

  11. Wow! Anonymous, get the word out! This is about the students. But just as important it is about the community being informed, and taxpayer fairness; that we know, by fair reporting and disclosure the status of our hard-earned tax money, how it’s being misused, and how corporations in contract with the federal government, in all departments, are protected and able to profit, even though mismanagement and corruption abound.

    The head of HR, when I was terminated in January 2017, left in March 2017, and I suspect it was a smart move on her part to exit before all this blew up, before the OIG investigation uncovered so much graft, payola, and hush money.

    Keep in mind the contract to manage Gary JCC is worth somewhere between $67M-$218M for a two year contract, and three years of positive renewals. That is not chump change…and is practically been guaranteed to whoever runs the place. Wow..just wow.

    1. MTC is now the managing company at Edison Job Corp with Lonnie Hall as the Center Director. My husband worked there as an auto instructor and was terminated because Lonnie Hall perceived that he was not on board with his mission. My husband is not allowed on the center therefore could not teach. This happened after he attended a meeting as the union representative with a co-worker that had been threatened by a student who by the job Corps rules should have been cut from the program but wasn’t.

      1. CG, thank you for adding your significant information. It will be a matter of time when MTC must answer for their actions, and Lonnie Hall especially. The other Gary Job Corps players, who all were one-time MTC employees (no longer because MTC lost the contract), may be similarly implicated in the corruption and contractual violations activities. While they are no longer MTC employees, their information/testimonies will be gathered and all this will shake out. Your husband and his coworker will receive justice in their situation, and key to the whole Edison/Gary Job Corps link is MTC and Lonnie Hall. Patterns are very important here. Again, thank you!

  12. Anonymous, are there other coworkers that would step up to report what they have witnessed or experienced? It will take revealing from the other side of the wall to get truth out; Gary/MTC scripts their stories very carefully.

  13. It looks like yet another contractor is gearing up as bidder for Gary JCC operations. ResCare just posted 58 new postings for nearly every job title out there. It looks like Adams & Associates is not a clear player any longer? Who knows, but MTC sure thinks they have the continued contract in the bag, as they were advertising 36 jobs just 10 days ago. What a mess! And who loses? The very kids the program claims to help. Wow…just wow. My best wishes to the employees who may well lose their jobs in this mess. MTC could have played it correctly, ethically, and morally from the start… but wait…they are a for-profit contractor – morally and ethically are not in their vocabulary.

    Anyone who works at Gary care to chime in and say what’s going on inside the walls?

  14. just posted 129 job titles by yet another national management contractor, apparently vying for the Gary JCC role. ResCare is the newest name in the hat, it appears. What in the world is going on out there at Gary JCC? The cockroaches are scrambling; MTC is fussing that they think they are owed the contract, Adams & Associates was awarded the new contract before MTC’s contract ran out, MTC “disputes” the award to A & A (per Randolph Goodman, Community Business Liaison for MTC) and were kicked off the campus, and now the name ResCare pops up. The kids are the losers in all this, the very population these clowns say they care about. What a mess!!! Oh, I wonder what shells have been turned over to reveal secrets of the for-profit contractor?!!

    Anyone who still works at Gary – what’s going on??

  15. MTC changed the organization chart put people in positions without degrees and trying to remove Administration Assistance and Secretaries to accommodate upper management.

  16. Full details are as follows..Rescare is the interim managing company at this moment. The Department of Labor decided to bring them in as opposed to either telling MTC or Adams and Associates if they are in or not. None of us here thought it could get any worse, but it has. We are all required to apply for our jobs again, and it looks like we will be actually making less money. To say morale is low is an understatement, and people are leaving by the droves. It is a mess. More to come, and will update accordingly.

  17. We are losing so many good staff. They bring in henchmen from MTC corporate to trump up charges to walk employees out. Lonnie Hall & Randolph can’t keep their hands off of the female staff. The more they hug you, the more promotions and special favors you get. Need to fire several management including Valdez. She eats managers and has run through over a dozen in less than 10 years.

      1. Valdez sucks and the staff satisfaction surveys prove it. She’s and uneducated idiot, as you are robin.

  18. I will consider contacting your attorney also.
    I had filed complaints against my manager/director(s) previously, including 25-30-pages of documented proof of my claims of being bullied and harassed and ordered unreasonable expectations. However, I was told by the HR director (who has apparently recently resigned) that “the claims are unsubstantiated,” and only 10 DAYS later I was asked to sign a statement that reported that the matter had been “investigated,” found unsubstantiated–despite my documentation–and dropped. I did sign under duress and reported that I was not satisfied that the matter had been investigated nor handled appropriately.
    Previous to this I had filed a EEOC and Human Rights complaint for discrimination associated with promotion of an individual without merit & in his first 90 days of hire–violating their PRH in the process! (This guy who was promoted over myself INCIDENTALLY was found to have a PERSONAL relationship with the director, his schedule was allowed to be flexed [which requires Center Director approval, incidentally], to work out with him in the evenings at the gym!)
    I wish I had known about your incident here at this job corps site before now, so that I could reach out to your attorney earlier.

  19. An important note, now that the OIG has nearly completed their investigation under the requested 180 day extension to complete their findings: The Texas State Board of Dental Examiners is requesting an official copy/notification of the OIG’s findings and the determinations of the Secretary of Labor, pending their review of the OIG Audit/Report. Because the DOL OIG has law enforcement powers to bring charges in any criminal findings in this investigation, so, too, does the TSBDE. The fact that MTC Administration (Lonnie Hall and Brenda Brooks) willfully ignored my requests for x-ray equipment over a six month period of time, with multiple requests, proposals, and reports of the deficiencies, MTC was acting as decision-maker in the care of dental patients. This is a direct violation of the Texas State Dental Practice Act, and Rules and Regulations, in that a corporate entity cannot exercise control or make treatment decisions over the autonomous authority of a good-standing dental licensee. That means MTC was practicing dentistry without a license!! That is a Class III felony.

    Besides putting my license in jeopardy by administratively guiding the treatment, MTC knowingly violated the Procedures and Regulations Handbook (PRH), that specifically states all dental clinics will have equipment to take bitewing x-rays as part of the elective dental examination the students give consent to. To not have this x-ray equipment is a breach of contract. And it is just not right to cheat the students from the care Job Corps says it provides!!!!

    Once the TSBDE has a copy of the OIG report, we’ll see what they do with it – hopefully exercise the fullest extent of the law that I have to abide by!

  20. Terra Arredondo wrote me up for not meeting my numbers, but did it when my boss was out on leave. So when I asked my boss she said no you dont have write ups, no one meets their numbers. So I called my manager and she wouldnt answer nor call me back. I had just seen her the day before and instead of having a face to face or even a heads up, she fedex the write up to me then avoided my contact. During the timeframe for the write up I had just came back from maternity leave, didnt have access to my systems for weeks due to her dropping the ball. So when she wouldnt reply for days, I sent an email and explained my side, the questions I had, etc. She finally responded but lied and so I sent the back up emails with proof of it being her.
    So then she started treating me differently. All up to me giving notice to leave the company. As soon as she got notice, she took me off activities, denied me to go to our team meeting that was already approved, then said I was denied because of cost when I said I wasnt staying overnight so it is no cost. She delayed my payment for this event, sent the check to me in my name but took me off the event when I gave notice. Then demanded I fix it. Told HR I cashed the check and didnt pay the vendor. So when I gave the receipt the HR, right there in my presence they had to call and verify I didnt falsify the receipts. The last day of my employement, Terra wanted me to leave the company car, credit card and keys with the workforce staff. I am housed there but dont work there. I told her I didnt feel comfortable doing that. So I asked transportation to bring me back to Austin after I drop the car off in San Marcos and complete my exit paperwork. The transportation manager had no problem with taking me back to my office. He said they already had students they needed to take to Austin anyhow. And he thought it was a great idea to leave the car there on center. Once Terra was aware of this she informed transportation that they were not allowed to take me back.
    Her whole thing was I didnt ask her for transportation to take me back.
    And when I told her if they cant take me back because Im not an employee after completing my exit papetwork, then I for sure shouldnt drive the government car back not being an employee. Then she changed her tone. Lol
    I told her the issue is she is on a power trip and she doesnt think ahead and mad that I came up with a better plan.
    And I dont ask her anything because she ignores me and only communicates with me to clean up her messes. All she said back was I didnt ask her before asking transportation ? .
    Now HR has contacted me stating they cant find the keys to the GSA that I left. I sent pictures of where I left them, I requested the footage of it, and asked if the GSA is where I parked it, has the credit card been used to track where it may be. Of course no response.
    It is very strange that they are misplaced when I was demanded by Terra not to leave it on center. I have complied, turned in all my items and property. Now HR said my check is on hold until they can figure out what the next steps are.

    I have filed with the EEOC and TWC. I will have to add the events from today as well.

  21. With Rescare coming in they recently just told all of the Residential Advisors in a meeting that was on Thursday that the RA position will be phased out and the position will be called residential counselor and now Rescare stated that the current RA’s will be out of a job by September if we don’t have a bachelor’s degree for our position

  22. Yes I’m still looking to report the Residential Supervisor for prime shift and the former manager Mrs Gina Mickleson! Let’s not forget Mrs Matthews, I am ready! Please don’t make me names the staff that are heavy on drugs!!!!! You have Supervisors children that live on campus selling all kinds of drugs! Yes again this is Tiffany Farnell!!!!!!

  23. My 17 year old daughter goes there. We live 15 minutes away so when she started she was a nonresident. She then (for some odd reason) wanted to move in there, I guess to see what it was gonna be like. I didn’t want her to. At ALL, but st the same time, wanted her to explore her stuff. So, she’s there now. I dropped her off about two Friday’s ago. She’s now homesick, tired of this and that. So okay guess what? I go and tell the staff that she wants to become a non resident again. NOW they’re trying to tell me that okay, we can’t hold her against her will, so you can come pick her up all you want, but she’ll be considered AWOL. Are you kidding me?! My daughter isn’t wanting to QUIT school, mind you she’s doing great and passing things. So, you mean to tell me (and her) that JUST because she’s not wanting to live there but yet still wants her education, that y’all are gonna KICK HER OUT?! No. Nope. Not gonna fly with me. So I’ve been back and forth with the staff about “let me talk to my supervisor and get back with you on an okay to let her switch back” no. OH! And hey guys let me fill you in on something bizarre! So she’s considered “illegal age” 17. Right? RIGHT!!! She’s NOT allowed to sign papers HERSELF when she was admitted to become nonresident. When I dropped her off that day with her luggage. Her little counselor guy. Yes little, ha, answers my question after I ask, do I have to go sign papers for her? He says no, she does all that. So at the time I was like OK. So guess what? She signed her life away. Did she know what she was REALLY signing? Nope. Now tell me this ain’t some BS?!

    1. Tough situation. I always heard it was a difficult process once a student switched from non-res to res to switch back to non-res again. You might try and find out the Counseling Managers phone number and if that does not work the Deputy DIrectors phone number. It can be a struggle but maybe if you reached someone in the records department they can instruct you on the process for allowing her to be non-res again. Sometimes if a student has had poor attendance as a non-res student the staff prefers them to live on center. If your daughter has good attendance and a good disciplinary record they should work with her. You both will need to be patience and persistent to get this done. Good luck to you both

    2. Like wait, like you mean , like working people don’t treat your daughter like a princess, like we should just spend more tax payer money like so your daughter can change her mind some more, like for free, like as long as other people are paying for it…YES? YES!

      You get what you pay for, get a grip nobody owes you anything

  24. UPDATE – Rescare officially takes over May 1st. Majority of staff has received pay increases and Lonnie Hall will no longer be in charge. We shall see what happens.

  25. MTC is out!! Their website verified they have no Job Corps in Texas now. Oh, I pray something changes here at Gary. But can’t be too hopeful… the Wall Street Journal article April 22 paints a grim picture, all the things going on at Gary that no one ever reported or any media outlet ever reported on. It’s about time.

  26. Rescare the company that kills more old people than old age
    But don’t despair
    Rescare also cares for disadvantaged youth so if you ever need a 17 yr job corps kid led to a prepared grave site in the woods , hacked with a machete and set on fire, remember..RESCARE we respect you enough to bury you and cremate you free of charge on the governments dime

  27. Look up who ResCare is! Wow! The history of fraud, class action lawsuits, settlements, billing insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare are rampant. Gary Job Corps, and the whole program of Job Corps and the Education and Training Administration is a lost cause.

    Unless the public watchdogs ResCare and Gary, nothing will change…your tax monies will continue to funnel into private profiteers bank accounts. But getting transparency is so difficult: contactors and the DOL make it all hidden from public view. Nice.

  28. Hello,

    I filed a Qui tam Lawsuit against North Texas Job Corps in 2013. The Lawsuits was sealed until the Department of Labor investigated my complaint. DOL and the United Stated Government dragged their feet investigating the areas I complained about. Security, High School on Line, Jobs area. I am a retired Police Officer from Chicago Illinois and worked as a Detective for many years conducting investigations. My case is making its way through the court system and last month we just received full federal subpoena powers. Of course I was Fired when the contractor realized I was helping the government and the media.

    I CAN assure you the every job corps in the country is committing fraud. Follow the money back to Washington D.C.

    1. Mr. Jamison, I still like to contact you about your circumstances, especially your Quick Tam suit.
      Please contact me through the San Marcos Corridor News, or through my attorney.

      J. Brandon Barnes, Atty.
      (512) 239-9607 – mobile

  29. Mr. Jamison,

    Thank you for your reply. I am sorry this ordeal has occurred to you, and now me, and that it is taking so long to make it right. The corruption is obscene, yet so protected. It is more than past the time to make this right!!!!

    I would like to connect to learn of your story, besides that I read from media stories in 2014, as well as legal briefs from your Qui Tam debacle in 2017.

    The SM Corridor News suggests contacting them through their Contact Form, or at this email address:

    Also, if you wish, you can connect with me through my attorney, J. Brandon Barnes. He will certainly be helpful and pass on your connection. We’d both be interested to hear what you are permitted, at this point, to divulge.

    J. Brandon Barnes, Atty.
    (512) 239-9607 – mobile

  30. The Department of Labor, Office of Inspector General has completed their investigation into my claim against MTC committing reprisal actions in a whistleblower claim. The report was sent to MTC and the Secretary of Labor. At this time, the contents of the Investigative Report are considered confidential and will not be distributed to parties who do not have a “need to know.” Interesting wording they put to the cover letter of the report….

    The Dept. of Labor has 30 days (by 1 July 2018) to “make a determination whether there is sufficient basis to conclude that MTC subjected Dr. Shea to reprisal when he was terminated as Center Dentist at Gary Job Corps Center.” The Secretary will notify me of the findings and whether corrective actions are ordered, per statute, Section 828 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) of 2013, 41 U.S.C. , Part 4712.

    The Investigative Report only addresses my claim of wrongful termination, not the multitudes of other corrupt activities and fraudulent behaviours evident from all the testimonials in this article’s comments, as well as facts that have been corroborated regarding falsification of TABE outcomes, completion of requirements and certifications, fraudulent reporting of Literacy and Numeracy data, and importantly, downgrading criminal offenses to less charges in order to not report exceeding the Zero-Tolerance Policy standard, thereby retaining students for monetary gain – headhunting. Additionally, non-reporting to Law Enforcement the criminal activities occurring on campus is aiding and abetting criminal behaviour. All this will come out separate to my claim judgment.

    So stay tuned, folks, the pot is just beginning to boil.

      1. anonymous: I can stop “whining” any time, but I choose to remain engaged in keeping up on the fraud and scam this program is. No more for you to see here…move along now. Oh, and I sign my name in my public comments. No fear.

  31. Folks, this Job Corps ripoff is no joke. Credible media outlets, such as the Wall Street Journal, have reexposed external and internal investigative reports regarding the waste and fraud. Gary Job Corps is the largest Job Corps Center…the largest budget! Do the math.

  32. Check out the April 22, 2018 The Wall Street Journal article: “The Job Corps Failure.” It is very compelling.

  33. Our World would be so much better, if more people cared about our work ethics and about the consequences of shortcuts and people’s lives.

    Thank YOU Graham Shea!!! Such GREAT work! No FEAR!!

    1. Thank you, Lulu. It’s the right thing to do, and Gary management, as well as the Job Corps program as a whole, has hidden behind laws that are in place to PROTECT and encourage no ethics. It’s eye opening and disgusting. I hope something changes.

  34. Thank you, Lulu. It’s the right thing to do, and Gary management, as well as the Job Corps program as a whole, has hidden behind laws that are in place to PROTECT and encourage no ethics. It’s eye opening and disgusting. I hope something changes.

  35. I used to attend Gary Job Corps in 2009-2010. I stopped eating at their cafeteria because twice I got sick with a very terrible soar throat. I had to wait at least a week before seeing the one doctor that they had who was always scheduled for something. The worst part was having to go from class to class until they were over for the day and not be able to stay in the dorm and rest it off. NO ONE could be in the dorm alone. So imagine having to endure unbearable pain all day and have to study at the same time. My body basically had to fight the illness off.

    The dishes in the cafeteria were not cleaned well at all. Food would still be inside of cups. My fellow classmates who worked in the cafeteria mentioned mold in the boxes of food (breakfast sausags) and roaches.

    I stayed in Trinity Hall which had a terrible mice and cricket problem. One morningy dormmates woke up to a horrible smell that lasted for days. We couldn’t sleep in our rooms due to the toxic smell.

    I was there for 9 months. I ended up living off of microwaved ramen noodles, mini canned soda’s, and whatever snacks I could afford with the allowance they gave me.

    Don’t just look at one part of the center, look at the whole thing.

    I survived there because I wanted a better future for my self and attended GJCC was like a last resort.

  36. Anyone other readers, current employees, past employees, administrators, and interested parties have additional information? This Gary Job Corps issue, and Job Corps on a bigger scale, is not going away. The more public involvement given here, and elsewhere, then it will be more likely people who can change this garbage MIGHT take notice.

    Sadly, the Department of Labor is not taking any action against Gary Job Corps, and the former management company MTC, because of a technicality held undisclosed from me and my attorney. It is not ok…students and taxpayers are getting ripped off. The Department of Labor is protecting MTC from their 18 years of crap…and you watch, ResCare has their own histories.

    Godspeed Department of Labor, ETA, Job Corps, Gary, MTC, and ResCare, and I hope those that were responsible for me being terminated are comfortable with their lives – you all did it wrongly.

  37. It’s funny how no one mentions the groping of under age females by Lonnie Hall the center director! MTC reassigned him to another Job Corps (Yikes)

  38. Lonnie Hall is still with MTC in Edison, New Jersey, at the Edison Job Corps. Apparently he’s still firing people for not playing his game, and retaining students who violate Zero-Tolerance Behavioral protocols. Same Lonnie Hall, same MTC, different location. Corrupt.

  39. Latest: MTC has been sued in Texas, as well as New Jersey. Seems MTC, when they lost the Gary JC contract, decided to move Lonnie Hall to Edison , NJ, when MTC took over the management of Edison Job Corps…from ResCare!! Hall, after three weeks on the job in NJ, began his squashing employees from seeking outside law enforcement for students threatening teachers. He has fired a couple of them for protesting Hall’s ignoring the Zero Tolerance Policy and reestablishing the student for ZTP infractions. MTC…control freaks and going for the bucks by keeping criminal behavior in their Centers. So looks like MTC has a few lawsuits for wrongful terminations on their hands, and this will open up possible class actions for patterns of corruption, and fraud…uh-oh!!!

    1. As of yesterday at GARY job corps there has been multiple stabbing and guns on property. When parents call to ask questions about what their children have been telling them counselors and the director have denied any claims . I would not be surprised if they still have yet to contact the victims friends or family. Local police are on campus because of the situation which is still happening today .

      1. No verification of this. One source says a riot happened, but no weapons. Can’t ever know the truth because Gary is very secretive.

      2. That is totally false I am currently an employee at Gary Job Corps and there was no stabbings or shootings on center this past weekend.

      3. This is not true. As an employee there I can assure you there were no stabbings. There were some issues between dorms but that is it. Not a big fan of GJC but false is false.

  40. Mr. Jamison, I still like to contact you about your circumstances, especially your Quick Tam suit.
    Please contact me through the San Marcos Corridor News, or through my attorney.

    J. Brandon Barnes, Atty.
    (512) 239-9607 – mobile

  41. Really because my sister and her friends are students there . They have sent videos and pictures to me and their parents in case anything has happened to them . Of course they were told if they had any such evidence that they would be terminated. It’s disgusting on how GARY does not protect its students and are willing to cover it up.

  42. About the supposed riot, where’s the media if this happened? How come I can’t find any police or media reports on it? How can Gary get rid of a student just because they have EVIDENCE, like a cell phone video?

  43. Because Gary wants to be intimidating there students saying you will be terminated. Some of these students are homeless and that’s the only place they have . They have new students signing contracts that they don’t understand. When they asked for help to understand what they are signing they are told lies. They are not allowed to call their parents to ask them what they are signing. Teachers are even intimidated into not speaking up due to they may lose their jobs .

    1. I speak my mind all the time at GJC. Still enjoyed. No stabbings. A few fights but no stabbings. Sounds like you need to get your facts straight.

  44. As of last Monday Adams and associates has been awarded the contract. They will come in March 1st and officially take over from ResCare April 1st

  45. Good evening all,

    It has been confirmed that Adam’s & Associates will be taking over March 1 2019. Hopefully they will continue on the path that ResCare started for the students as well as the staff. Unfortunately, Rescare did not take out all of the trash. Leftover management in certain trades, such as Health & Support need to go. Leadership in that area and some other areas, is a prime example of a narcissistic sociopath who is allowed to lead when obviously they shouldn’t. I am truly hoping that Adam’s comes in and cleans the management house. The trainees and staff deserve the best.

  46. I do not have specifics of the circumstances of her departure, but the previous Health and Wellness Administrator, who ResCare hired when they took over management of Gary JCC from MTC, is no longer employed at Gary. This is one further step to draining the swamp of the past – but no guarantee the drain doesn’t get plugged by the present management firm, or the upcoming, yet again, changeover in April 2019 to Adams and Associates.

    This is a good thing…change is necessary, and if it creates a little turmoil, and fake targets don’t get met, then maybe, just maybe someone higher up in Job Corps/Education and Training Administration will instigate more audits and oversight. Taxpayers deserve to know, and and their money used appropriately.

    1. Rescare was nowhere close to draining the swamp. Some serious unethical violations need to be answered. They seriously need to be held responsible! The staff involved will be held responsible and retaliating will not be tolerated.
      I would be absolutely ecstatic if we could somehow talk. I was recently given the phone number to the president of the local trail association and was told he would know what to do for this type of situation. I want the people involved to be held responsible!

  47. Now Adam and Associates is in place. Nothing different, just taxpayer’s money funneled to different pockets. Job Corps – a travesty of lives unchanged.

  48. I was very disappointed working at this center. After investigation of a gang rape that occurred. I re organized security staffing only to be told by the student life director that the little girls did not matter, only the students that filled out the surveys at meal times. I disagreed and was terminated.

  49. I was very disappointed working at this center. After investigation of a potential rape that occurred. I re organized security staffing only to be told by the student life director that the little girls did not matter, only the students that filled out the surveys at meal times. I disagreed and was terminated.

  50. And so it goes…ResCare was not put in place to right any wrongs, nor is Adams and Associates. It’s just a managerial shell game, so the same exact issues that we’re perpetuated by MTC are alive and well. ResCare and Adams and Associates are seasoned Job Corps contractors -they know the game, the score, and have the legal teams to play the pieces. It’s the only thing to expect from a game of for-profit operating a welfare system program. Can you say “gouging the taxpayer”?

  51. Sounds like GJCC/MTC is a giant … ITT Technical Institute on Steroids. Remember ITT? They lied to prospective students to get them inside. Told them they were accredited and… and they [ITT] told prospective students of guaranteed jobs after graduation. After graduation, ITT graduates found out their credits were not accepted by ABET schools and jobs were not a plentiful as stated. Is GJCC/MTC accredited? If so, by what accreditation agency? ITT finally got busted and forced to close because ITT was making profit merely from student government loans (tax payers here) by the naive. If you can prove that students were lied to by GJCC/MTC about accreditation & job guarantee, you can close that system down!

    How was ITT forced to close, they contacted every mutherf*cking graduate of ITT and determined that most had loans they could not pay off, ABET accredited schools rejected their transcripts, and found out many companies would not hire ITT graduates dues to insufficient skills. Since GJCC/MTF is free, they are ripping off the Tax Payer. Is the tax payer paying for valid accreditation agency? If you can prove the accreditation agency that certifies GJCC/MTC is below standards, then the tax payer is being ripped off and … down goes GJCC/MTF. GO AFTER THEIR ACCREDATION AGENCY!! That’s the key to closing them down.

  52. I also worked at San Marcos Job Corp and despite Federal Law against persons with disabilities, I saw it frequently.

  53. The Red Rock Job Corp in Lopez Pa is way worse. The unsafe and illegal activities happening there is ridiculous. Management lies and steals. Nothing gets reported that should be. What a waste of fax money.

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