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Documents Show Hays County Judge Candidate Lacks Personal, Business Financial Responsibility

By, Terra Rivers, Managing Editor

In May, Corridor News published a two-part story about a local business owner who had over $11,000 in rent owed to the City of San Marcos forgiven by the San Marcos City Council.

The business owner, Ruben Becerra, announced his candidacy for Hays County Judge in September 2017. Since publishing the stories on Becerra’s business dealings, Corridor News has been flooded with questions from concerned citizens.

Today, early voting starts in Texas, and voters around the state are educating themselves on who they want running their government including their local government.

In response to requests from concerned residents, Corridor News has taken an in-depth look at the financial history of candidate Becerra.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “Nothing is certain except for death and taxes.”

Unpaid Federal Tax Liens

The following items are Federal Tax liens on Ruben Becerra, his wife, Monica, and two of their three businesses, which are currently still in effect and have not been paid. NOTE: Items highlighted in yellow are the most recent liens (2018) filed by the IRS.


Paid/Released Federal Tax Liens

Below are the two Federal Tax liens that were filed against Becerra, Monica, Gils Broiler and Becerra Corp, which have been released by the IRS. When a tax lien is released, it means that the debt has been paid in full, and the IRS or the state no longer has any claim to a taxpayer’s property.

  • Federal Tax Lien: Gils Broiler/Becerra Corp |  OPENED: 12/21/2016  |  RELEASED:  08/04/17  |  16043182  |  $6,254.37  |  Tax Year(s): 2010
  • Federal Tax Lien: Becerra Monica L |  OPENED: 11/18/2008  |  RELEASED: 10/26/2009  |  8003566  |  $5,064.81  |  Tax Year(s): 2004, 2005 & 2006


Unpaid State of Texas Tax Liens

The Becerras have several active state tax liens.


Paid/Released State of Texas Tax Liens

In addition, there are five state tax liens on the Becerras’ properties that have been released.

  • State of Texas Tax Lien: Becerra Ruben  |  OPENED: 10/04/2012  | RELEASED: 05/07/2014  |  12028575  |  $1,065.45  |  Limited Sales, Excise-Use Tax
  • State of Texas Tax Lien: Becerra Ruben  |  OPENED: 06/03/2009  | RELEASED:  06/15/2009  |  90014559  |  $1,503.63  |  Limited  Sales, Excise-Use Tax
  • State of Texas Tax Lien: Becerra Monica L  |  OPENED: 01/18/2007  | RELEASED: 04/01/2008  |  70001749  |  $539.38  |  Limited  Sales, Excise-Use Tax
  • State of Texas Tax Lien: Becerra Monica L  |  OPENED: 06/11/2002  | RELEASED: 06/25/2004  |  02015925  |  $572.37  |  Limited  Sales, Excise-Use Tax
  • State of Texas Tax Lien: Becerra Monica L/Gils Broiler  |  OPENED: 2/11/2002  | RELEASED: 01/14/2003  |  02003905  |  $382.67  |  Unemployment Taxes

A tax lien gives the government claim to all of the property owned by the taxpayer. While they may not seize the property outright, a lien will ensure that the property cannot be sold or refinanced until the debt is paid.

According to the IRS, a lien affects a tax payer in four ways.

  • Assets— A lien attaches to all of a taxpayer’s assets (such as property, securities, vehicles) and to future assets acquired during the duration of the lien.
  • Credit— Once the IRS files a Notice of Federal Tax Lien, it may limit a taxpayer’s ability to get credit.
  • Business— The lien attaches to all business property and to all rights to business property, including accounts receivable.
  • Bankruptcy— If an individual files for bankruptcy, their tax debt, lien, and Notice of Federal Tax Lien may continue after the bankruptcy.

Tax Lien vs. Tax Levy

A lien is not a levy. A lien secures the government’s interest in your property when you don’t pay your tax debt. A levy actually takes the property to pay the tax debt. If you don’t pay or make arrangements to settle your tax debt, the IRS can levy, seize and sell any type of real or personal property that you own or have an interest in.

Hays County Property Tax Payment History

According to the Hays County Tax Assessor’s website, Becerra paid his property taxes for the following tax years on the dates listed below for 328 N LBJ Drive, San Marcos, TX (R41645), Manske Roll and Gils Broiler. Note: Items highlighted in yellow were paid late with interest and penalties.

  1. TAX YEAR 2017 | Base Tax $4,614.88  | PAID: 07/30/2018 | Total Payment(s): $6,262.40
  2. TAX YEAR 2016 | Base Tax $3,483.58  | PAID: 01/31/2017 | Total Payment(s): $3,483.58
  3. TAX YEAR 2015 | Base Tax $3,493.73  | PAID: 01/26/2016 | Total Payment(s): $3,493.73
  4. TAX YEAR 2014 | Base Tax $3,496.62  | PAID: 06/30/2015 | Total Payment(s): $4,021.11
  5. TAX YEAR 2013 | Base Tax $3,496.63  | PAID:03/31/2014 | Total Payment(s): $3,811.34
  6. TAX YEAR 2012 | Base Tax $3,403.75 | PAID: 07/24/2013 | Total Payment(s): $4,618.90
  7. TAX YEAR 2011 | Base Tax $3,403.90  | PAID: 11/29/2012 | Total Payment(s): $4,339.58
  8. TAX YEAR 2010 | Base Tax $2,831.02  | PAID: 02/28/2011 | Total Payment(s): $3,029.18
  9. TAX YEAR 2009 | Base Tax $2,855.13 | PAID: 05/17/2011 | Total Payment(s): $3,799.24
  10. TAX YEAR 2008 | Base Tax $2,838.01 | PAID: 11/27/2010 | Total Payment(s): $4,299.58
  11. TAX YEAR 2007 | Base Tax $2,418.20 | PAID: 03/26/2010 | Total Payment(s): $3,624.48

These were the results for 201 S LBJ Drive, San Marcos, TX (R27301), former home of Dixie Cream Donuts and current location of Yogurt-In-Love. Note: Items highlighted in yellow were paid late with interest and penalties.

  • TAX YEAR 2017 | Base Tax $1,314.89| PAID | Total Payment(s): $1,485.82
  • TAX YEAR 2016 | Base Tax $918.45  | PAID: 05/09/2018 | Total Payment(s): $918.45
  • TAX YEAR 2015 | Base Tax $921.13  | PAID: 01/13/2017 | Total Payment(s): $921.13

These are the tax year and dates property taxes were paid for 208 E Mimosa Circle, San Marcos, TX (R43315), Becerra’s main residence. Note: Items highlighted in yellow were paid late with interest and penalties.

  • TAX YEAR 2017 | Base Tax $6,645.48 | PAID: 12/27/2017 | Total Payment(s): $7,022.58
  • TAX YEAR 2016 | Base Tax $6,287.97  | PAID: 12/29/2016 | Total Payment(s): $6,287.97

**NOTE: These numbers reflect the original amount of the liens at the time of filing; they do not reflect any payments that might have been paid since its original filing or the current balance on the lien.**

In 2009, Becerra was listed as a defendant in the court case, County of Comal vs Derek Dobson, ET AL, for delinquent taxes. The case was dismissed without prejudice due to the amount being sued for was outside the court’s jurisdiction.

Additionally, Becerra and his wife, Monica, were the defendants in a court case vs the County of Hays regarding delinquency on property taxes in October 2012.

In 2004, Becerra filed for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy under a repayment plan of $300 a month. He listed $100,000 to $500,000 in debt. Below are the plan details.

  • Administrative Claims = $1,394.00
  • Arrearage Claims = $9,500.00
  • Secured Claims = $0.00
  • Priority Claims = $0.00
  • Unsecured Claims = $68.993.00
  • Cure Claims = $0.00

According to Hays County records, Bankers Trust Company of California/Deutsche Bank National Trust Company filed a foreclosure on the Becerras home in Willow Creek Estates Sect III on August 16, 2004.

  • Bankers Trust Company Of California/Deutsche Bank National Trust Company |  08/16/2004 |  Assignment 04023584 Lt 147 Willow Creek Estates Sec III – Physical Address: 815 Stagecoach San Marcos TX.

On November 2004, the Becerras signed the following assignment for the property located at 815 Stagecoach, San Marcos, Texas.

  • Bankers Trust Company Of California/Deutsche Bank National Trust Company |  08/16/2004 Assignment 04023584 LT 147 WILLOW CREEK ESTATES SEC III – Physical Address: 815 Stagecoach San Marcos TX.

In March of 2012, Schertz Bank and Trust started the paperwork to foreclose on 328 N LBJ Drive.

According to the Appointment of Substitute trustee for Schertz Bank and Trust, the Becerras had defaulted on a promissory note of $175,000 for the real property where Manske Roll and Gils Broiler are currently located.

On March 11, 2016, an abstract judgment was filed with Hays County regarding the case of Frost Bank vs. Monica Becerra for “the sum of the principal balance of $4,149.15 plus contractual pre-judgment interest of 8.25” percent from April 3, 2012 until January 11, 2016.

The judgment included an additional $3,029.00 in attorneys fees and all costs of court expended. The cause of the suit was an attempt to settle unpaid debt.

DBA History

Since 2004, according to the tax records below, Becerra’s businesses have been registered under multiple assumed names, or DBAs (meaning Doing Business As). A DBA registration is required in order to open a bank account, write checks and enter contracts under a business or company’s name.

DBAs are also used by the IRS to track taxes; if a business fails to pay taxes, the government can freeze the company’s, or business’s, bank accounts until the debt is paid.

Below is a full breakdown of the Becerra’s DBA registrations for each of its businesses since 2004.

Assumed Names  |  DBA  |  2016

  1. GRANTOR: Becerra Corp |  GRANTEE: Roll Café  |  03/11/2016  |  16007345  |  LEGAL: Manske Roll Café
  2. GRANTOR: Becerra Corp |  GRANTEE: Dixie Cream  |  03/11/2016  |  16007346  |  LEGAL: Dixie Cream
  3. GRANTOR: Becerra Corp |  GRANTEE: Gils Broiler |  03/11/2016  |  16007347  |  LEGAL: Gils Broiler
  4. GRANTOR: Becerra Corp |  GRANTEE: San Marcos Soda Company  |  07/21/2016  |  16023203  |  LEGAL: San Marcos Soda Company
  5. GRANTOR: Becerra Corp |  GRANTEE: San Marcos Bottling Company  |  07/21/2016  |  16023251  |  LEGAL: San Marcos Bottling Company

Assumed Names  |  DBA  |  2015

  1. GRANTOR: Becerra Christian |  GRANTEE: Dixie Cream Donuts Of Texas  |  04/28/2015  |  15012404  |  LEGAL: Dixie Cream Donuts Of Texas

 Assumed Names  |  DBA  |  2010

  1. GRANTOR: Becerra Ruben |  GRANTEE: Gils Broiler 1  |  04/28/2010  |  10010423  |  LEGAL: Gils Broiler 1

Assumed Names  |  DBA  |  2009

  1. GRANTOR: Becerra Ruben |  GRANTEE: Manske Roll Bakery  |  02/24/2009  |  90004870  |  LEGAL: Manske Roll Bakery
  2. GRANTOR: Gils Broiler 2 |  GRANTEE: Liyanapatabendy Chinthaka  |  02/17/2009  |  90004140  |  LEGAL: Liyanapatabendy Chinthaka
  3. GRANTOR: Becerra Ruben |  GRANTEE: Phoenix Energy  |  08/05/2009  |  90020781  |  LEGAL: Phoenix Energy
  4. GRANTOR: Becerra Ruben |  GRANTEE: Manske Roll Bakery  |  02/24/2009  |  90004870  |  LEGAL: Manske Roll Bakery

Assumed Names  |  DBA  |  2008

  1. GRANTOR: Becerra Ruben |  GRANTEE: Boomerang Repair and Maintanance  |  12/15/2008  |  80039385  |  LEGAL: Boomerang Repair and Maintanance**

**This is the legal name recorded with the Hays County Tax Assessor’s office.**

Assumed Names  |  DBA  |  2007

  1. GRANTOR: Becerra Monica L | GRANTEE: Manske Roll Bakery  |  11/05/2007  |  70032156  |  LEGAL: Manske Roll Bakery

Assumed Names  |  DBA  |  2005

  1. GRANTOR: Becerra Monica L | GRANTEE: Gils Broiler  |  08/24/2005  |  05024774  |  LEGAL: Gils Broiler
  2. GRANTOR: Rainosek Gilbert D | GRANTEE: Gils Broiler  |  08/24/2005|  05024732  |  LEGAL: Gils Broiler
  3. GRANTOR: Becerra Monica L | GRANTEE: Downtown Association Compactors  |  01/19/2005  |  05001655  |  LEGAL: Downtown Association Compactors

Assumed Names  |  DBA  |  2004

  1. GRANTOR: Becerra Monica L | GRANTEE: An Edible Delight  |  01/30/2004  |  04002549  |  LEGAL: An Edible Delight
  2. GRANTOR: Becerra Ruben | GRANTEE: B And M Contractors  |  05/23/2001  |  01012156B  |  LEGAL: B And M Contractors

Past Arrest Warrants

Ruben Becerra has also had four warrants out for his arrest for failing to appear in court over citations.

  • Cause: 2012004155, Citation: 4806
  • Cause: 2012004154, Citation: 4806
  • Cause: 2012004023, Citation: 4807
  • Cause: 2012004022, Citation: 4807

Becerra was cited for two counts of failing to control animal/public nuisance complaints and two counts of dog/fail to restrain (animal) twice. All four citations were accompanied with a fine. Becerra agreed to appear in court regarding the citations and fines but failed to do so resulting in four warrants for his arrest.

In addition, there have been two cases for failure to maintain financial responsibility regarding contracts against Becerra. Dynamark Security vs Ruben Becerra received a judgment of $460.44 plus $47.00 in court fees. Sears, Roebuck & Co vs Ruben Becerra received a judgment of $2,586.28 including $242.50 in legal and court fees.

In Other News

On October 12, 2018, Becerra filed his latest financial reports with the Hays County elections office.

Becerra’s contributors included two city council members, a city council candidate, a developer, a Real Estate Agent and 26 additional donors with addresses outside of Hays County.

  • Councilmember Lisa Prewitt contributed a total of $74
  • Councilmember Ed Milhalkamin contributed $50
  • Candidate Shane Scott contributed $12
  • Developer John David Carson contributed $250.00
  • 25 donors who did not have an occupation and the name of their employer listed

According to the report, Becerra’s campaign received a $500 contribution and a $11,039.63 personal loan from his wife, Monica.

Additionally, Becerra listed a “non-monetary political contribution” from Sept. 30, 2018, for $3,200 leased office space for the campaign.

The full financial report can be read here, but here is a quick breakdown of the financial report for his campaign.

  • Total Monetary Contributions: $15,016.50
  • Total Non-Monteary Contributions: $6,325.00
  • Personal Loan: $11,039.63
  • Expenditures: $13,157.30
    • $11,039.63 paid from personal funds
    • $2,117.50 paid from campaign funds

On September 14, the City of San Marcos signed an official ground lease for 201 S LBJ Drive with Becerra Corp.

The property, formerly the location of Dixie Cream Donuts, is currently being subleased by Becerra Corp to Suenos & Rezo, LLC, which currently operates Yogurt-In-Love at the location.

In May, the San Marcos City Council voted to postpone the termination of the existing ground lease for 201 S LBJ Drive with Dixie Cream Donuts indefinitely and sign an amended version of the original Union Pacific Railroad lease with Becerra Corp.

During the meeting, the city council voted 4-2, with Mayor John Thomaides and Council member Scott Gregson voting no, to waive $11,054.78 in rent from 2015 to 2016. The decision included a settlement of $2,063.21 for 2017’s rent, which the city received on April 24, 2018.

The new lease with Becerra Corp was approved during the May 15 meeting by a 4-2 vote with Mayor Thomaides and Council member Gregson voting no.

According to staff, following the ground lease agreement, the first installment of $861.67 for 2018’s rent of 201 S LBJ Drive was paid on September 28, within 10 business days of the lease being executed by all parties. The 2018 lease will end on February 1, 2019.

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NOTE: This article was written by Corridor News’ Managing Editor, Terra Rivers. While Terra is a Texas State University Alum, she has never lived and does not currently live in Hays County. Thus, she is not registered to vote in Hays County or any of its local elections. The documents and information provided below was obtained through public record requests to Hays County. This article’s goal is solely to provide readers, who express concerns regarding the way elected officials spend taxpayer dollars, with an insight on how a candidate spends their own money.

Below are the supporting documents for the above information. We have redacted some information due to security and extremely private information on both Mr. & Mrs. Becerra. If for some reason the large PDF document of 110 pages does not load click HERE. NOTE: These documents are not in any specific order.


Becerra-Ruben-Monica Financial Background Supporting Documents-Oct-2018_Redacted-1


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  1. You have no business running for County Judge Ruben Becerra. Who ever sought you out should have done a better job of vetting you. I wonder whom in the Democratic Party that was.
    This story should have been published months ago. Shameful.

  2. From personal experience with this person I believe every word. Treats his employees badly and pay is below minimum wage

  3. Can personally attest to how shady Ruben and Monica are after working for them at one of their businesses. Ruben is completely dishonest and would encourage his employees to lie to the IRS and any questions asked about his tax returns. Ruben is slimy and treated his employees like dirt.

  4. I worked played n love both Ruben n Monica.
    Times get tough n trying to catch up it rough.
    I believe we ALL go through hard times…it teaches us life in today’s high priced taxes only the rich are getting richer! We the people of San Marcos really cannot afford to keep up with OUR home taxes. House or land.

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