Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: The Hays CAD Chief Appraiser is picking our bones dry

Compounding the turmoil of the pandemic was Winter Storm Uri that left us all in the freezing dark and without…

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Open Letter To The City Of San Marcos Ethics Review Commission

He accuses anyone he disagrees with of being a racist. That is his favorite weapon to use. He yells racism…

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LTTE: STPRA Urges Biden Administration To Consider Unintended Consequences Of New Border Policies

The net result in South Texas has currently been a significant rise in cartel-driven trespassing, insecurity, and damage on open…

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Letter To The Editor: Responding To Local Victims Of Abuse

“I’m proud of my staff for always thinking of creative ways to ensure every person got what they needed. From delivering meals,…

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Letter To A Candidate: Questions For The Sake Of Transparency

For the sake of transparency, I am asking if you would respond to the following concerns I share with many…

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Letter To The Editor: Today We Find Ourselves In A Country Experiencing Unprecedented Assault

Today we find ourselves In A Country Experiencing Unprecedented Assault...

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