Open Letter To The City Of San Marcos Ethics Review Commission

Dear San Marcos Ethics Review Commissioners,

Jordan Buckley deserves to be treated with the same measure he treats others.

Jordan is a menace in our Community that accuses individuals he disagrees with (politically) to incite fear in our elected officials to move them to do his bidding. No one knows this better than I.

In 2017, he viciously attacked and incited a public assault on me in an effort to influence the SMCISD Board of Trustees from appointing me to the School Health Advisory Council.

He picked ‘tweets’ that I sent out or retweeted and used them as weapons to assault my character since he hates conservatives. He reveled in the attacks and lies that individuals in the Community spread without personally knowing me. I am a mother of 3 sons who honorably served our Country.

If my conservatism did harm, then my children’s lives would be evidence of that harm, yet, they have dedicated their lives to forming families of their own and are employed at either a police station, a fire station, or a school district. They are healthy taxpaying adult citizens that positively contribute to helping their neighbors.

On the other hand, Jordan incites confusion, anger, hatred, and chaos in our communities because he suffers from the self-imposed rejection from his own conservative family.

He accuses anyone he disagrees with of being a racist. That is his favorite weapon to use. He yells racism and expects the elected officials to do his bidding.

For months he attended city council meetings, assaulted my person, attacked my character, and lied about me—a crime of defamation. At one time, I emailed SMCISD as well as the City and told them allowing him the time and stage to attack me (being that several were his personal friends), he would move on to others; and he has.

He has moved on to Caldwell County and, for weeks, attended their meetings to pressure them to remove a monument from their grounds. He has accused those Commissioners of being, as you may guess, racists. He has attacked our San Marcos Police Officers, city council candidates, and anyone who gets in ‘his’ way.

What a shame that council members would appoint this individual to a city board. Nothing good will come of this appointment. He will attack, and the work before them will cease because he will take them down a ‘rabbit hole’ to get individuals removed (or fired); for his agenda to come to fruition.

I am relieved that the Ethics Review Commission was firm and kept their meeting date and was not moved by his begging. He requests ‘mercy’ but does not extend any to his fellow man. Jordan Buckley should be held accountable for all harm he has caused individuals to include me.

The Parks and Rec Board should revoke his appointment, and he should be removed so he does not continue to attack individuals with libel and slander.

Furthermore, as a member of this Community, a taxpayer, and former City of San Marcos Ethics Review Commissioner, I suggest that any tax dollars be held from any Committee, Commission, Board, or organization that funnels tax dollars to the San Marcos Cinema Club, Mano Amiga or any other organization that fuels discord, libel, slander and hate in our Community.

I submit this respectfully,
Naomi Narvaiz
San Marcos

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  1. Mrs. Narvaiz it seems that you have encountered the legendary (if only in his own mind) “Racist Man”! Able to spew the word racist faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap historical statues in a single bound and scream in a paroxysmal rage racist! Using his amazing super human racism detector he has been able to detect racism where not another human ever dreamed it existed. Our hero! It’s “Racist Man”!!
    In writing in regard to neoracism scholar John Mcwhorter penned ;“All of this supposed wisdom is founded in an ideology under which white people calling themselves our saviors make black people look like the dumbest, weakest, most self-indulgent human beings in the history of our species and teach black people to revel in that status and cherish it as making us special.”
    On a serious note, Buckley is a deeply disturbed individual and a stain on our community. Whoever gave this idiot credence needs to own up to their mistake and flush the toilet.

  2. Does Mr. Buckley even have a job? Was he born with a silver spoon in his mouth? Is Ms. Narvaiz not Chicana enough? Is her experience as a Latina woman not valid? Is she not entitled to her own opinions? Or must she filter it through the lens of a privileged white male? Ms. Narvaiz has been involved for many years in San Marcos and many appreciate her dedication to our community. Mr. Buckley likes to fan fear when he could promote unity and offer solutions. Maybe if Mr. Buckley had a real job and was not from a privileged class he would appreciate the concerns of so many citizens who actually exist in reality.

  3. I hate to give the man any credit, but he has single handedly shown that one person’s voice can make a difference. Unfortunately it has been to the detriment of our community. I understand he has a right to speak, but the fact that some politicians actually buy into his nonsense is incredulous. He is a self centered narcissist with a personality disorder. And the sooner he falls off the earth, the better we will be. In my professional opinion, he suffers from low self esteem and over compensates by this mantle of righteousness he believes he has. The fact that he thinks minorities need him shows his elevated need to somehow prove to himself he is worthy of whatever pitiful existence he thinks he has. I suspect that he had unloving, distanced parents that he is still trying to “impress” by acting out. When a child it was probably tantrums and holding his breath. As an adult he has learned that it is much more fun to manipulate people and events. We essentially are flies with a nasty little boy tearing off our wings.

    Mrs. Narvaiz is normally to far to the right for me, but she has no doubt served this community without splitting us apart. I have to admit she has taken hits with grace and dignity. Dignity is one thing Mr. Buckley will never understand.

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