Editorial: The Puppet-Master Pulling The Strings Of Local Partisan Politics

Update: The editorial below was inadvertently published with only the name of the group. We have corrected and added the individual author’s name below. We apologize for any confusion or misunderstanding they may have caused.

If you live in San Marcos, the name Jordan Buckley has probably come up. You may love him. You may hate him.

Most Hispanic Americans in San Marcos have spoken out against him and called him what he is. He is an opportunist and a nuisance pretending to be the white knight for people of color.

What he is actually doing is bogging down our political process with his partisan politics. City politics should be about sewers, sidewalks, and recycling programs. However, for him, it’s about infiltrating and conquering by any means necessary.

He leaves “no one witnessed” Jussie Smollett-style fake hate crimes in his wake like a “noose” in an old, abandoned church, or a poster on a bathroom wall of a coffee shop.

Since Buckley has come to town, more of these fake hate crimes have come to this region and seem to follow him.

He seeks for racism, and when he cannot find it, he manufactures it. His existence depends on it. Mano Amiga loves to look like martyrs. If they have an opportunity to look like victims, they always choose to use it.

Most of our police that work for the San Marcos Police Department are for the legalization of cannabis; however until we get there, they have used cannabis citations to give a lesser offense to what could have been a greater offense.

The cite and release program has made it so that the greater offense cannot be softened with the cannabis citation.

Buckley and his Mano Amiga gang think they are heroes, but they are the furthest from it. They are socially posturing losers, who act at the whims of their emotions rather than using logic.

He has been quoted by locals as hoping to “recruit for the civil war.” When asked if he would ever sit down to discuss issues with the police, he has said “F*** the police.”

He lives in a fantasy world where every cop that wears the badge is a Klansmen even if that officer is Hispanic or Black. He recently attacked a 30-year veteran officer that is a local legend of having a somewhat grumpy but historically fair demeanor.

This officer has had a lot of trouble with the politics of this generation, much like the employers and other grown-ups in this community.

The bodycam footage was reviewed and cleared the officer of any wrongdoing, but since he lacks the sensibilities to cater to this soft and weak generation of losers, of course, they invoke racism anytime they are offended. Frankly, when are they NOT offended?

Buckley has also been quoted as calling Black and Hispanic officers “sell out POC’s.”

He cannot see the irony of him being a white guy deciding which People of color are worthy and which ones are not.

Two Hispanic officers and one Black officer stood before the City Council and advised against cite and release as it was written, and they were called racists and were even attacked in Texas Monthly magazine.

There is no doubt that cannabis needs to be legalized. However, cite and release has increased the amount of cannabis one can carry up to 4 ounces.

Last year, prior to cite and release, we had 9 cannabis murders. Now, that we have more cannabis pouring into our market we can expect more violent incidents.

Mano Amiga could use their funds to work with the police and they would be well received, but their attitude is pretty much the same as Buckley quoted, “F*** the Police.”

More importantly, he is a monument basher. Monuments are important for our society to remember our past, so we do not repeat the same mistakes.

It is important all civil war monuments are respected whether it be to commemorate northern or southern soldiers.

George Santayana is credited with the phrase: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

If he really wanted to make a difference, he would erect new monuments instead of having old ones removed.

Many Confederate soldiers were forced to fight under duress, as the South, like the North, used conscription to bolster their ranks. We would not take down the history of Ghengis khan, The Vikings, Persians, or The Romans because human history is sacred regardless of its brutality.

Therefore, one does not have to agree with the Confederate South to respect its History. A confederate monument next to a monument of someone of notoriety might serve as a mental measurement for how far we have come.

Just as a scar from an accident can remind one to be more cautious, a monument can remind us to be more restrained as a culture. Buckley and Mano Amiga do not possess the mental intellect to comprehend that.

Much the same as in Boston, they are defacing statues of civil war monuments that honor Black soldiers.

Sgt. William Harvey Carney carried the American flag throughout the battle, never dropping it despite being shot 7 times. Carney was the first Black American to win the Congressional Medal of Honor for action.

Sgt William Harvey Carney is honored with the rest of the Black soldiers that fought in the Civil War in The Shaw Memorial, a Memorial Monument honoring the first all-volunteer Black regiment of the Union Army in the Civil War.

This very precious and sacred monument to our Nation was defaced by rioters demanding justice for African-Americans.

This is INSANE! How can we honor the side we supported by deleting from history the opposition? Also is it not silly to look at events over 100 years ago and get emotional about them today?

Getting angry or emotional does not change the past. It was losing control of emotions that lead to the volatile civil war climate of yesteryear. Perhaps he knows this and is trying to exploit it.

Rumors are circulating that the prize for Buckley is to take down the Jack C. Hays Statue next, and rename Hays county, and shockingly enough he is in a position to do so.

He has strategically placed his puppet Ruben Beccera, yes Judge Beccera, (who is a 3 time-failed business owner, and desperately in debt).

The judge has tried everything to make it in the town of San Marcos but due to his poor treatment of employees and exploiting people with disabilities, all his businesses failed. It has been rumored that he paid a disabled man $2 per hour to work for him for years.

Also, numerous employees have said this Judge Becerra would sit in the back of his restaurant in his car and smoke meth.

Out of business, and in debt up to his eyeballs, he has changed his “persona” to be his personal “Che Guevara.”

He went from acting like a corporate suit to revolutionary overnight. Long term liberals and most all residents of San Marcos are not buying the act.

This brings up Alex Villalobos, the shamed Texas State Police officer who was placed on the Brady list and deemed untrustworthy.

The Chief of Staff cannot even get a job as a cop, yet here he is running for Sheriff. Buckley believes in his mind the Brady list was created by republicans.

Despite most every Deputy in Hays county swearing to walk off the job if he is elected, he is still pursuing getting his puppet candidate elected.

If he gets his way, this disgraced Villalobos will be elected Sheriff, and then, between the failed Becerra and the disgraced Villalobos, Buckley, their “Puppet-Master,” will have all the power he needs to remove the Jack C. Hays statue and rename the county to something appealing to his social justice warrior sensibilities.

He, at that point, will fully control the County Judge Becerra and Sheriff Villalobos.

He is 39 with no kids and no real job. He is a rich silver-spoon kid, who never fully grew up, and has nothing better to do but come to a small town and start crap and drama.

Buckley hides behind the curtain of the parks board and acts as if he is a low man on the totem pole, but it doesn’t take long living in downtown San Marcos to see who is pulling the strings. The question is now who is funding him?

He has been in San Marcos for 5 years now. All he has on his daily agenda is to wake up and start some crappy SJW drama and has all the outsider money he needs to see his “my way or the highway” attitude dominate our community.

Most people like to keep small-town politics pleasant. To keep the peace, you always want to elect a handful of liberals and conservatives.

Ideally, you want moderates who keep things balanced. We do not need partisan politics in City elections. You never want small town or county politics leaning too far left or too far right.

But with the silver-spoon, “Puppet-Master” Buckley and his puppets, Beccera and Villalobos, Mark Rockeymoore, Melissa Derrick, Alyssa Garza, Lisa Prewitt, and Maxfield Baker all we will get is their far-left Communist agenda.

Now, be aware, there are others Mano Amiga has placed into local politics and their antics are yet to be seen. Many locals are now referring to Mano Amiga and Monster Amiga.

Now, notably, the BIG question is, “Where is Buckley getting his money?”

Immediately, those following all of this have screamed “George Soros” as a source of his funds and that may very well be the case, but one thing can be for certain, in a town where the average annual income is $16K per year, Buckley is definitely not getting his money locally.

Submitted by Robert Witkowski, SMTX River Culture

Editor’s Note: The opinions expressed in editorials, opinions, commentaries, or LTTE are not necessarily those of Corridor News or staff. The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution states, “Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…”

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  1. Your whiteness insults the color of my skin when you insult my skin and my skin is not your tool for more Jackhaystrash racism because I am a free person form Mexico the nation who you threw out of Texas to become the haters that you are now so enjoy you brief victory bacase the reconquista is coming you will serve under us and we will tolerate you becuase we are not white thinking people

  2. The name of the county would have to be changed by the State Legislature. County Government would not be able to do it. I do not believe that the State is going to go down the slippery slope of changing County names of men that fought Indians, in the Texas Revolution, or said some bad word about some other people or any other stupid reason. I haven’t counted but of the 254 Texas Counties, it would be a significant number.
    Personally, if I were a person of color, I would be insulted that some white punk thinks I need his lily-white ass to “save” me. People of color that I know are more that capable of fighting their own fights. It is condescending and demeaning that he has deemed himself their savior. I pity the fools that follow him, he obviously has his own agenda and does not mind any collateral damage that he causes. Jordan and his followers do not play fair. They have spread lies and untruths about anyone that dares oppose them. For that reason, I am not posting my name.
    And don’t even get me started on Beccera and Villalobos.

  3. Jordan is the epitome of racism. In his condescending liberal arrogance, he believes that he is so much smarter and better than anyone who isn’t white. He believes that he has to be their “savior”; because they are simply “quite inferior” to him and cannot possibly survive without his protection from “evil white people”. He is seeking sycophantic adoration from people that he believes are inferior to him. Truly a legend in his own (narrow) mind.

  4. Jordan is the epitome of racism. In his condescending liberal arrogance, he believes that he is so much smarter and better than anyone who isn’t white. He believes that he has to be their “savior”; because they are simply “quite inferior” to him and cannot possibly survive without his protection from “evil white people”. Truly a legend in his own (narrow) mind.

  5. Don’t forget how the police are aware that Buckley and his minions have been conducting drills outside of town involving live-fire ammunition. This wanna-be alpha male is super-wacked. Oh but ….shushhh ! Our local Ruling Elite tell us that although Buckley advocates illegal importation of illegal people used for perpetuating illegal acts, he is nevertheless a “peaceful protestor” who is merely protesting the lack of “justice” within the forum of our “Sanctuary City” which is provided to Buckley and Mano Amiga for the importation and protection of those illegal persons, one of whom recently murdered officer Justin Putnam. Police brass, however, are too busy licking hands at City Hall and agreeing how systematically unfair their police officers are when it comes to looking at facts.

    One of my few regrets in life (so far) is that when last I had the opportunity in Commissioner’s Court, I didn’t knock Buckley’s ass immediately to the floor upon him arising to address his handpuppets. We only had another ten cops in the room so Buckley would have had a chance. Instead I only told him “You’re the one responsible for murdering Justin Putnam and wounding two others.” But as said, for not following through at that time I’ve now regrets—despite Ruben Becerra having ordered me to “clear the court.”

    I’ve been to jail before, . . .so? Indeed, so have my forefathers for challenging their own Ruling Elite over two-hundred fifty years ago. We’ve been here now for almost four-hundred years. Others persons of other persuasions identical to our local Ruling Elite have now been coddling and indulging the likes of Buckley for the last fifty-years. See a trend, maybe ?

    The problem with most “conservatives” these day is readily apparent in their lack of spine and attitude. Nine of out ten of them, if physically slapped, would either become gay or write to their congressman. Meanwhile, BLM continues its march into their schools, communities, government centers and police stations. What could possibly go wrong? (at least for BLM and Mano Amiga).

    1. Sad, but unfortunately true. Conservatives need to show their support for each other, our police department, our armed forces, and conservative values. Publicly! Put on your Trump bumper stickers. Put out your Trump Flags and banners. Stop kowtowing to fascist liberal tactics. Stand up for your country, your state, and your city!!!
      Our city and county has the worst number of corrupt liberal buffoons in office and at the helm of local government in our history. This situation exists because only a small number of people in this community consistently vote in our elections. Unfortunately, it is the liberals that show up. The America haters. The haters of traditional American values. If you want the insanity to stop, then stop hiding the fact that you are a believer of conservative values. Be public about it. Publicly call out idiotic liberal behavior when you see it.
      And P.S. GO VOTE!!!

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