Texas Ethics Commission Issues Decision On Complaint Against Local Official

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The Texas Ethics Commission has issued a decision on a complaint filed against a local Hays County Elected Official.

The commission met on November 20, 2019, to consider sworn complaint against Hays County Judge Ruben Becerra.

The complaint alleges that the respondent did not timely file the 30-day pre-election report of the November 2018 general election and the January 2019 semiannual report.

All elected officials and candidates running in the November 2018 election were required to file their 30-day Pre-Election report by October 9, 2018, and the January 2019 semiannual report by January 15, 2019.

According to the Order and Agreed Resolution from the Texas Elections Commission, commissioners found there to be “credible evidence” of the complaint and has issued a sanction to deter future violations.

Becerra received a letter yesterday via email notifying him of the commission’s decision and providing him with a copy of the order and agreed resolution.

The commission has imposed a $500 civil penalty on Becerra, which Becerra agreed to on August 8, 2019, according to documentation.

A copy of the letter and the resolution can be found below. 


2. SC-3190458 Agreed Order (2)


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