Hays County Judge Candidate Appears To Owe Additional Debt To Local Nonprofit

By, Terra Rivers, Managing Editor

A Hays County candidate appears to have an outstanding invoice with a local non-profit.

Hays County Judge Candidate, Ruben Becerra, has been in the news of late for owing the federal and Texas government $90k in back taxes.

In 2017, Ruben and Monica Becerra pledged a gold sponsorship of $2,500 to the 2017 Taste of Hays Fundraising event for United Way of Hays and Caldwell Counties.

Corridor News was informed that Ruben and Monica did not attend that event; however, their friends and family did attend and sit at their sponsored table.

Copies of the unpaid invoice and event brochure listing him as a sponsor were obtained by San Marcos Corridor News via public information request. The invoice, dated Oct. 3, 2018, was marked “unpaid.”

Corridor News received documentation that an initial invoice was sent to the Becerras for Taste of Hays 2017 in November 2017. The invoice dated Oct. 3, 2018 is a copy of a past due invoice sent to Mr. and Mrs. Becerra for their sponsorship of 2017 Taste of Hays.

See 2017 invoice here, and see past due invoice here.

The organization’s spokesperson was unable to confirm the outstanding invoice citing agency policies.

Becerra is a frequent supporter of local non-profits, donating food, cash and manpower to dozens of causes over the years.

In September 2017, Becerra announced 100 percent of Dixie Cream Donuts’ profits would be donated to support local organizations and local charities.

On February 16, Dixie Cream announced on its Facebook page that it would temporarily close the iconic San Marcos location while looking for a new home throughout Buda, Kyle and San Marcos.

On April 18, Becerra made a declaration on Tax Day stating that democrats and republicans will vote for him “because they know that as a successful small businessman, I will not tolerate fiscal irresponsibility.”

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