Charter Review Commission presents City Council with interim report

Sierra Martin | Managing Editor

During the San Marcos City Council Meeting on Tuesday, April 6, council members received an interim report by the Charter Review Commission outlining the summary of preliminary amendments to the city charter.

The charter review commission has met five times and had a series of involved discussions on every proposed amendment.

Among the preliminary amendments include changing the term of office for city mayor from two years to four years, which would be effective at the regular election in November 2024. Additionally, there would be a limit of two consecutive terms for the position of Mayor.

The current three-year term of office for council members would remain the same, although a limit would be imposed to three consecutive terms. Meaning, if someone sat out a term they would be able to run again.

According to City Attorney Michael Cosentino, a council member or mayor may hold the position for more than three terms, as long as they are not consecutive.

Melissa Derrick, Councilmember Place 6 and Mayor Jane Hughson voiced their opposition to the mayoral position being extended to four years in office.

“I don’t believe the mayor’s position should go to four years, that is too much,” Derrick said.

Other preliminary amendments that will be voted on in the future include requiring four votes, instead of the current five votes for the removal of the city manager.

“There was quite a bit of discussion about the types of decisions that the Council makes with only four votes, including one of the most important decisions you make every year on the budget,” Cosentino said. “And so anyway, as a preliminary recommendation there, they did take a vote to revert to four votes instead of five for removal. But again, any of this is subject to change, and any of this is subject to Council’s decision about what to put on the ballot.”

Council recommended requiring at least five votes in the affirmative for the Planning and Zoning Commission to adopt any motion.

More information on the final amendments and final votes will be provided as more information becomes available.

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