Man sentenced to 30 years in prison for Child Sexual Abuse in San Marcos

Sierra Martin | Managing Editor

SAN MARCOS – Jeffrey Vuillemin, 43, of Victoria, Texas, was convicted on Tues., March 7, 2022, of Continuous Sexual Abuse of Young Children and sentenced to 30 years in prison.

During Vuillemin’s trial, which began on February 28, the jury heard three child victims testify that they were each sexually abused by Vuillemin, who used a series of relationships with their mothers to gain access to the children.

Jeffrey Vuillemin, 43, of Victoria, Texas.

In February 2013, Vuillemin was dating the mother of a five-year-old child in Victoria, Texas. After the child reported to her mother that Vuillemin sexually abused her, Victoria police detectives found incriminating text messages from Vuillemin on the child’s mother’s phone, in which Vuillemin apologized to the mother.

Several years after victimizing the first child, in January 2018, Vuillemin sexually abused the then-12-year-old daughter of another woman with whom he was in a relationship.  Victoria police again investigated.

While the second Victoria case was still open, in September 2018, Vuillemin began sexually abusing the then-11-year-old daughter of a third woman with whom he had become involved in San Marcos, Texas. The child testified about four separate instances when Vuillemin sexually assaulted her.

After finding Vuillemin guilty, the jury assessed punishment at 30 years in prison. 428th District Judge Bill Henry presided over the case.

The Hays County Criminal District Attorney, Wes Mau, recognized several individuals who were instrumental in bringing Vuillemin to justice, including lead prosecutor Assistant Criminal District Attorney Jamie Liu, assisted at trial by ACDA Shea Umphrey, investigating officers San Marcos Police Detective Robert Elrod, Victoria Police Detective David Ruiz and Investigators Cody Breunig and Angela Martinez, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Jennifer Mumphord, and child forensic interviewers Bethany Bishop and Maria Walton. Bishop’s testimony also covered topics relating to childhood sexual abuse including outcry, grooming techniques, and victim selection. 

“This case demonstrates how child predators are much more often trusted family members or friends than they are strangers,” Mau said. “Predators like Jeffrey Vuillemin compound the harm they do to their victims’ bodies by their further betraying a child’s trust and affection.”

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