New property tax lender focused on saving homes

An Austin company recently announced they are making property tax loans in the state of Texas. Johnson & Starr states their mission is keeping Texans in their homes through partnership and education.

“Our commitment to serving our clients is unwavering. Each of our employees has nearly a decade of experience protecting Texans who need help with high property tax bills,” said Nikolaos Stavros, CEO. “We are proud to offer payment plans that fit the needs of our clients, competitive terms, and our one-of-a-kind ‘Life Happens’ package of loan advantages.”

Johnson & Starr also announced the acquisition of Texas Tax Solution, a company offering property tax solutions in the state for many years.

“The purchase of Texas Tax Solution allows Johnson & Starr even greater reach across Texas and strengthens our mission of keeping people in their homes even through economic hardship,” said Andy Cahill, President. “Our goal is to provide all customers the financial support and flexibility they need and the peace of mind that comes with it.”

Local taxing units (i.e. school, city, county, etc.) set the annual property tax rate and when a homeowner doesn’t pay or can’t afford to pay their property taxes big penalties and interest start up—and the amount you owe can skyrocket.

Johnson & Starr plans to continue expanding throughout Texas via direct lending, acquisition of existing lenders, and purchases of existing loan portfolios.

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