New San Marcos Charter School Clears Another Hurdle To Open Their Doors

Commissioner Morath sends charter school decisions to the State Board of Education...

AUSTIN – Yesterday, the Texas Commissioner of Education Mike Morath advised members of the State Board of Education of his decision to grant eight Generation Twenty-Five charters.

Eight Generation Twenty-Five charter school applicants successfully completed a final step of the state’s charter application process allowing them to begin operation in Texas for the 2021-22 school year once any contingencies are met.

The eight are:

  • Brillante Academy (McAllen);
  • CLEAR Public Charter School (San Marcos);
  • Doral Academy of Texas (Buda);
  • Heritage Classical Academy (Houston);
  • Learn4Life-Austin (Austin);
  • Prelude Preparatory Charter School (San Antonio);
  • Rocketship Public Schools (Fort Worth); and
  • Royal Public Schools (San Antonio).

Under Senate Bill 2 (passed during the 83rd Texas Legislature in 2013), the Commissioner of Education has the authority to grant new open-enrollment charters in Texas and must notify the State Board of Education of those that are approved.

The State Board of Education may veto any new charter approved by the Commissioner within 90 days of the Commissioner’s decision. The Board is expected to discuss the Commissioner’s decisions on September 10, 2020, and take action or no action during its meeting on September 11, 2020.

The Generation Twenty-Five applicants took part in the public applicant interviews on July 27-29, 2020. If contracts are signed with these entities, the state will have eight new open-enrollment charter schools.

To learn more about open-enrollment charter schools in Texas and the application process, visit the Texas Education Agency website at

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