Texas Municipal League Names ‘Legislators Of The Year’

The Texas Municipal League is recognizing four state legislators for their outstanding efforts to empower citizens to make decisions affecting their communities at the local level. The awards will be announced at the organization’s annual conference in San Antonio this week.

TML’s “Legislator of the Year” awards for 2019 go to: Rep. Harold Dutton, Jr. (D-Houston), Rep. Trent Ashby (R-Lufkin), Rep. Eddie Lucio, III (D- Brownsville), and Rep. Travis Clardy (R- Nacogdoches).

“We’ve seen numerous attempts by state officials over the last couple of legislative sessions to erode local decision making. However, these four legislators have continuously defended the ability of Texans to have a voice in shaping the character of their local communities and neighborhoods,” said TML Executive Director Bennett Sandlin.

Rep. Dutton represents House District 142 which includes Houston. Throughout his tenure in the Texas House, Rep. Dutton has been a staunch defender of preserving local control. He serves as Chairman of House Juvenile Justice Committee and serves on the House Public Education Committee.

Rep. Ashby represents House District 57 which includes Lufkin, Crockett, Madisonville, Trinity, and San Augustine. Rep. Ashby understands the importance of rural communities having a voice in Austin in order to make the best decisions for their constituents locally. He currently serves on the House Committee on Defense & Veterans’ Affairs and the House Public Education Committee.

Rep. Lucio represents House District 38 which includes Brownsville, Harlingen, and San Benito. Rep. Lucio understands the importance of retaining the ability of communities to respond to the needs of Texans at the local level. He serves as the Chairman of House Committee on Insurance and is a member of the House Public Health Committee.

Rep. Clardy represents House District 11 which includes Nacogdoches, Rusk, Henderson, and Jacksonville. Rep. Clardy understands that the government that is closest to the people is the best government. He serves on both the House Committee on Homeland Security & Public Safety and the House Committee on Human Services.

“We are extremely grateful to these four legislators for recognizing that every city in Texas is unique, and fighting for every community to have the ability to respond to its citizens’ needs,” Sandlin said.

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