Centro Cultural Hispano De San Marcos To Host Book-Signing On Written Adaption Of Coco

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Centro Cultural Hispano de San Marcos will host the author of the written adaption of the Disney film Coco this weekend in San Marcos. 

Diana Lopez received her MFA in Creative Writing from Southwest Texas State University; her written-adaption of the 2017 film, “Coco, A Story About Music, Shoes, and Family,” follows the story and includes bonus scenes about Mama Coco and the ancestors in the land of the dead. 

The event will include a book signing, meet and greet and discussion of both the book and its background. There will also be opportunities for photos with Diana Lopez.

Lopez will also have an author chat about her latest book Lucky Luna and discuss teachable moments in writing and her take on following your dreams.

During her visit, Lopez will share a behind-the-scenes look of adapting a film into a novel. 

This event will be held on Saturday, August 3rd from 10 AM to 1 PM at the San Marcos Conference Center at Embassy Suites.

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The mission of Centro Cultural Hispano de San Marcos (Centro) is to serve as a community beacon for the preservation, development, promotion, and celebration of the Hispanic arts, culture, heritage, and values.

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