Consumer Research: 43 Percent Of US Broadband Households Intend To Purchase A Smart Home Device In 2019

DALLAS – New research explores the opportunity for home builders and MDUs as channels for smart home solutions, as 25% of US broadband households perceive a “move-in-ready house” would include smart home devices.

My Next Home: Demand for Smart Homes and Smart Apartments reports that despite device ownership flattening in 2018, purchase intentions for smart home devices continue to increase, with 43% of US broadband households planning to purchase at least one device in 2019.

Parks Associates: Likelihood of Moving by Homeownership
             Parks Associates: Likelihood of Moving by Homeownership

“Among MDU residents, 19% feel that smart home devices are a very important consideration when looking for a home to rent or purchase,” said Patrice Samuels, Senior Analyst, Parks Associates. “Having smart home devices pre-installed in the home creates an immediate opportunity to demonstrate specific value propositions in safety, energy management, and convenience. It also opens avenues for ongoing services, such as tech support and data management, that are key to ensuring a positive user experience.”

The research notes that companies offering smart home devices in the builder channel have the advantage of creating model homes specifically designed to demonstrate potential use cases and benefits of smart home devices, which can drive interest.

Among MDU channels, properties often roll out devices across many units, exposing a large number of consumers to these products.

“Low consumer awareness and low perceived product value remain significant problems for the smart home industry,” Samuels said. “Insufficient information about smart home products often lead to purchase avoidance. These channels help introduce many new consumers to smart home products.”

Demand for Smart Homes and Smart Apartments quantifies consumer demand for smart products in their next residence.

They also examines the unique needs of consumers living in multifamily homes and examines the different use cases and drivers for smart home devices and systems among residents of multifamily dwellings and their business model preferences.

Additional research:

  • Among consumers who do not own or intend to purchase smart home devices, 54% do not perceive that the devices will benefit their lives.
  • Nearly one-quarter of US broadband households own at least one smart home device.

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