Hays CISD Elementary School Teacher arrested for Indecency with a Child

Sierra Martin | Managing Editor

HAYS COUNTY — Officers from the Kyle Police Department (KPD) arrested Blanco Vista Elementary second grade teacher Andrew Palmore on Tuesday, March 1, 2022. According to the KPD, following an exhaustive investigation by law enforcement officers, Palmore was charged with two counts of Indecency with a Child, a third-degree felony, and two counts of Improper Relationship between an Educator and Student, a second-degree felony. 

Hays CISD said they were first alerted to the investigation by KPD on February 1, 2022. On that date, the district immediately placed Palmore on leave and removed his access to Hays CISD campuses and students.

Additionally, the district reported the case to the State Board of Educator Certification (SBEC), which is the clearinghouse in Texas for educator licensing. Because of his arrest, the district will recommend to the Board of Trustees that he be fired.

Palmore was a substitute teacher for Hays CISD during the spring semester of 2012. He substituted at Blanco Vista and Science Hall Elementary Schools, as well as Simon Middle School during that time. He was hired full-time by Hays CISD in August 2014 at Blanco Vista Elementary, where he has worked as a 5th, 4th, and 2nd- grade teacher.

Currently, law enforcement officers do not have evidence that the alleged acts occurred during school operating times. However, parents who have concerns or information they believe would be important to investigators should contact the Kyle Police Department at 512-268-3232 or, to remain anonymous, submit the information online at www.p3tips.com.

The Kyle Police Department Victim Services Unit is providing assistance to victims and their families.

“We know these incidents are extremely unsettling for our community, but we are working together during this difficult time to provide our students and affected families with the justice, care and support they deserve,” said Kyle Police Chief Jeff Barnett.

According to HCISD, employees of Hays CISD, regardless of position in the district, must pass a national, fingerprint-based criminal background check. They are also subject to “active monitoring,” which means that should a district employee be arrested after their background check was completed, the district would be alerted to the new criminal background activity. Teachers in the district must also have clear certifications from SBEC. Prior to his arrest, Palmore was able to pass the background check and certification requirements.

HCISD said in its public statement that the district remains unwavering in its commitment that the safety of all students.

“The district continues to work closely with law enforcement and public safety partners, including the Kyle Police Department, to ensure the safety of the children in our community and students everywhere in Texas,” HCISD said in the public statement.

According to HCISD, due to this being an ongoing Kyle Police Department investigation, the district will not be available to provide further comments at this time.

Palmore is currently being held at the Hays County Jail.

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  1. This is not his first accusal , sad it was not acted upon last year , disgraceful how he was allowed to continue to allegedly, prey on children since then , questions need to be asked and answered , prey for the parents

  2. This predator has been doing this for decades. He acted indecent with my daughter and her school mates in Austin ISD 20 years ago in a elementary school on slaughter ln!!!!! How the hell is he still teaching. Let’s not allow Texas classrooms to become the Catholic Church of the 60’s 70’s and 80’s and protect these horrible parasites of society. My poor adult daughter (almost 30) saw this article and is having these feelings come back up because instead of firing him from his 5th grade class they moved him to a 2nd grade class. Is that insane or what. I hope he finally gets stopped and can never teach another child again.

    1. Agree with you 100%

      But when you ask, “How the hell is he still teaching…because instead of firing him from his 5th grade class they moved him to a 2nd grade class” –you should remember that most public school teachers are political activists who protect one another as much as possible. When they are not teaching your child how to masturbate or how to twerk with a drag queen at story hour, they are accommodating their political associates by means of transfers and “unfounded accusations.”

      Likewise on the, “Let’s not allow Texas classrooms to become the Catholic Church of the 60’s 70’s and 80’s” (But there, you must mean the years before the church renounced female pedophilia and dedicated itself exclusively to young boys for the remainder of the 90’s, 2000’s, 2010’s and 2020’s

      But when you say, ” I hope he finally gets stopped and can never teach another child again.”–remember that he is only one of thousands working under the protection of “public education” and the only thing your children will learn in a public school is what you already know. There is no such thing as a public school teacher who does not put their job ahead of taking the chance to stand up and blow the whistle on “public education” these days.

      Nag your legislature for school vouchers that help pay for private education, or else prepare yourself for when your male child comes home from school upon learning they are really the opposite sex.
      More “democracy” in school. It’s who we are. Our values.

    2. Was he terminated from your daughters school? Placed on leave? What came of it? I’m trying to understand if he committed the crime and was convicted how he was hired again just right down the road. Even if there were no charges filed, one would think his teaching license would have been permanently ceased if a formal complaint from multiple people was made. I’m sorry this happened to you and your family.

    3. Omg I can’t believe they allowed this p.o.s to continue teaching!!! I am so sorry your daughter has to re-live this nightmare all over again. I’m a victim of sexual assault as well; although it wasn’t a teacher, I was only 5 years old! There are always triggers and some things we just can’t forget ? May I ask what the school told you after you reported him?

  3. I had a stellar experience being educated in public school as well as my other children. My daughter also had a great education through our public schools except and unfortunately for this incident. I do not believe vouchers and private school are the answers. Children have been molested in private schools, pedophilia does not exclusively subscribe to a political party by any means.
    One tool that could be implemented is a specific national background checks system for teachers only. A database where all schools, private and public report “all incidents” regarding teachers so upon hiring schools can go to one place to be sure scumbags don’t get re-hired at neighboring districts to continue violating our children.
    That is by no means going to solve this but it can possibly help when making a decision to hire an instructor.

  4. Nice curtained answer for addressing the problem of a window in which you refuse to look.

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