Living Outside The Lines: Hey Puppy! What’s Up?

Most of the doggie caretakers are nice enough, but no dog wants to live in the cold, sterile orphanage. Sure, our basic needs are met, but deep in our hearts, we yearn for a human to love us as their own.

Becky J Miller | Exclusive to Corridor News

Dear Animal Lovers of the Human Persuasion,

Hi. My name is Kona Bear Miller and I am writing to you on behalf of all my fellow four-legged friends. I am only 6 months old, that’s about 3 ½ in human years. Being so young still, I am not quite sure why I was elected to be the “Spokesperson to Humans” by a delegation of my peers, but I was. Understanding the weighty responsibility, I shall endeavor to communicate with everyone to the best of my limited abilities.

Dogs are not gifted with words like humans. Sometimes we think it would be a nice skill to possess and other times we think there’s probably enough noise in the world without us adding to the volume. Most dogs cannot spell either, but since my human grandmother is a writer, she has special powers that allow her to translate for me.

In the hope that maybe humans can better understand what dogs are thinking, my canine pals asked me to share my story. I am honored to do so.

I don’t remember much from the early months of my life. My clearest memories start around the time my SHE showed up. You see, my mother abandoned me at a very young age. Everyone says she had no choice, and I hope that is true, but the end result remains the same, I lived in a home for dogs, with no family to call my own.

Most of the doggie caretakers are nice enough, but no dog wants to live in the cold, sterile orphanage. Sure, our basic needs are met, but deep in our hearts, we yearn for a human to love us as their own. We want to belong to a real family. We are always excited for our friends who get to leave with a family, but sad to be left behind.

One day a pretty young girl with a big smile walked in. I could tell right away she was kind-hearted and gentle. Oh how my little puppy heart wanted to belong to her. I sat quietly inside the kennel as she walked by. All the other dogs were jumping up and down barking, but I just watched. She passed by a few times then stopped. My heart raced, ‘Could be it?’, ‘Is it possible?’, ‘Does she want me?’.

I dared not get too excited when the gate opened & the caretaker scooped me up, but when I was passed to the pretty girl standing outside, I knew right then my life was going to change. And it sure did! That day I left the doggie orphanage & gained both a surrogate mommy and a fur sister.

My new mommy bought me a soft comfortable bed, my very own big red water dish, a pretty pink collar, and chew toys!! What more could a girl ask for??? While I do like having a family, this leash thing my mommy keeps trying to put on when I walk outside isn’t my idea of fun, and my big fur sister is kind of moody. I think she’s what they call a grumpy old lady.

I am very happy with my new life, but I sure miss my She when she leaves every day. I don’t know where she goes, but I have to stay in a big wire cage when she’s gone. Oh sure, there are toys and a nice soft blanket inside, but I really like her lap best.

One day a scary looking man came and took me away. I didn’t really understand. Where was my She and where was he taking me??  I. Want. My. She.  He took me far away. The trip seemed soooo long. When we finally arrived at a new destination the man expected me to climb these big, giant steps. I was not happy. But then suddenly there was a new She! This she looked a lot like my old one, even sounded like her a little. I was so confused.

The new people made me get a bath! How rude. I mean, I was perfectly happy with the old smell of me. I might forget where I came from if they wash it all off of me. After my bath though, the new She let me get on the couch with her and cuddle just like the old She. I am beginning to wonder if they are related somehow.

Yesterday the scary man, who really isn’t so scary after all, I mean, he does feed me and take me outside to potty, introduced me to what he called a yard. I had never seen a yard before, and this one is ginormous!!! He let me run, run, run all around in big ole circles until I had to take a nap because I was so tired.

Eventually I discovered these new people are what humans call grandparents, they are related to my She and I am only here to visit! My new mommy has to work long hours on a special project and she was sad I was in the cage so long, so my grandparents offered to let me visit. I like these humans!

Having a family is fun, but my new grandpa keeps trying to take my picture. I am a little camera shy and don’t sit still very well, but he is persistent! I’ve heard the camera steals your soul. I don’t really understand what that means, but it sounds scary enough that I hope it isn’t true.

Well, that pretty much covers everything. Life can be scary for us dogs without families. Most of us just want to be loved, so please consider the gift of adoption.

Until Next Time,
Kona Bear & Becky Miller
“Warrior Princess”

Becky J Miller is a contributor and is exclusive to SM Corridor News. You can read more of Becky’s columns in Lifestyle.


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