Living Outside The Lines: What’s So Hard About…?

However, I can’t help but wonder what would happen if “Toilet Paper Roll Refilling” were to become a legitimate Olympic sport? I think empty toilet paper spindles worldwide would rejoice.

By, Becky J Miller

Do you ever wonder why certain actions seem to be so incredibly difficult for some folks to perform? Is it because of ignorance? Selfishness? Rudeness? Callousness? Thoughtlessness? Perhaps some combination of them all? All I know is that discovering the inactions of those who’ve gone before me can be really aggravating, especially since my parents taught me to never bypass an opportunity for improvement, and to leave things better than I found them.

Nine out of ten hypothetical doctors surveyed agree, common sense is not so very common, and I would concur. After all, there are just certain things that seem like they should be automatic, not requiring any thought and yet…

Don’t most kiddos learn during the potty training years, to flush the toilet after use? Assuming that statement to be true, why is it the toilets in public restrooms so often remain unflushed?

Are the flush handles difficult to operate? Is the effort of pushing the handle from the up position to down too strenuous? I’ve really no idea. Flushing the toilet should be much like breathing, an automatic action that requires little to no thought.

And speaking of toilets, unless one resides in a developing country with poor plumbing, used toilet paper belongs in the toilet, right? That’s what my momma taught me anyhow.

Only during visits to Haiti, China, Africa and Guatemala have I ever been instructed to NOT toss paper in the toilet, but to use the can instead. Which is really kind of gross, especially for those who have to empty the trashcan!

Since moving to South Texas, however, I’ve come across several public restrooms with signs reminding everyone to put used paper in the toilet? #huh? Never. Ever. have I had to scold one of my children, nieces, nephews or anyone else for throwing their used toilet paper in the trash can instead of the toilet?

One last bathroom rant; I once dedicated an entire column to the subject of refilling the empty toilet paper roll so I shall not spend an exorbitant amount of time on the subject today. However, I can’t help but wonder what would happen if “Toilet Paper Roll Refilling” were to become a legitimate Olympic sport? I think empty toilet paper spindles worldwide would rejoice.

Whether they are round or square, most trashcans have a large enough opening to allow bearers of unwanted items to easily discard of them in a designated receptacle. While it is true that trash receptacles are not always conveniently staged in the moments that items need discarding, it is also true that a container is generally within close proximity.

In other words, if one empties a juice box while walking down the stairwell, it is UNDENIABLY NOT permissible to discard the container on a random windowsill. Neither is it okay to leave Styrofoam boxes with uneaten food sitting on the floor in a stairwell. Were those items so unequivocally heavy that they could not be carried just a few more paces to the in-room trashcan, or down two more flights of stairs and out the door to the dumpsters?

What about setting empty water bottles on top of the curtain boxes in the second floor of the stairwell? Placing trash on a high ledge most certainly is a deliberate act of malice; one does not perform such an action “accidentally.” It took some effort to reach up that high and leave those bottles, why not expend the extra energy instead placing them in a proper receptacle so someone else don’t have to?

Why people find such simple tasks so incredibly difficult I simply cannot fathom, but as long as they do you’ll find me flushing toilets, refilling toilet paper spindles and picking up trash I didn’t leave behind. As for used toilet paper in the trashcan? Nose goes! #NotIt

Until Next Time,

Becky J Miller ~ “Warrior Princess”

Becky J Miller is a contributor and is exclusive to SM Corridor News. You can read more of Becky’s columns in Lifestyle.


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