New Developments Will Change Gateway To The City

And the future looks bright for the City of San Marcos if the vision of the Warren family comes to fruition.

by, Terra Rivers, Managing Editor



When the Warren family sold their Sac N Pac stores to Susser Holdings (Stripes) in 2014, they had no idea what the future would hold for the family business. Blessed with the history, legacy and business sense of founder J. Garland Warren, the family began looking towards the future and what their next endeavor would be.

And the future looks bright for the City of San Marcos if the vision of the Warren family comes to fruition.

Centerpoint Station opened in 1993 adjacent to then Sac N Pac Store #108. That store has since been demolished and rebuilt under the Stripes brand; however, the Warren family still owns approximately 71 acres at the northwest corner of Center Point Road and IH 35 including the property that Centerpoint Station sits on, west to the railroad tracks and north to and around the existing Ingram ReadyMix Plant.

The property’s location across from the San Marcos Outlet Malls makes it a prime location for a high quality, mixed use development that can benefit from IH 35 frontage, the millions of annual visitors to the Outlet Malls and as a gateway to the City.

Engaging a team of consultants, the Warren family began the process of identifying the highest and best use of the property in its current condition as well as a long-term, multi-process approach to maximizing the highest and best use for the property.

What the team found out was that with Ingram ReadyMix along the IH 35 frontage, the property lends itself to an industrial park type of development which is not compatible with the Outlet Malls nor other surrounding developments. Basically, in its current condition, the property cannot realize its maximum potential.

Knowing that, the Warren family reached out to Earl Ingram, CEO of Ingram ReadyMix, and began discussions regarding the potential relocation of the existing Ingram Plant along the IH 35 frontage. Warren Realty and Ingram ReadyMix reached an agreement to relocate the existing Ingram ReadyMix Plant from the IH 35 frontage at Center Point Road to a similarly sized property at IH 35 and Posey Road.

The Warren family purchased the property at Posey Road and IH 35 as part of the relocation and also for future development of an industrial park that compliments the existing H&H industrial park and the University bus barn facility.

When evaluating locations for the new Ingram ReadyMix facility, the Posey Road property also made sense for improved heavy truck traffic circulation associated with concrete plant and removal of that traffic from the IH 35 and Center Point Road intersection. Extension of utilities to this property will also facilitate development of an industrial park, which is a much-needed use according to the market study obtained by the Warren’s.

With the relocation of Ingram ReadyMix, the IH 35 and Center Point Road intersection is poised for a potentially incredible transformation as a true gateway to the City. Preliminary conceptual plans indicate the potential for a mix of corporate office, mixed residential and retail across the 71-acre site.




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