Project Endurance Has Broken Ground…Project Who?

Corridor News received several phone calls today inquiring on Amazon’s location and address on McCarty Lane, so we thought we would go exploring this exciting new opportunity for San Marcos and Hays County, get an address, and take some photos.


There is no doubt, when you see the size and scope of this construction project that it could be anything else but Amazon.


When we spoke with Victor Shelton, Assistant Superintendent, and Mike Schroeder Jr. with the Conlan Company, the general contractor for this project, we were informed, “This is Project Endurance.” Shelton stated.


When asked how long a project of this size would take to full buildout, Shelton stated “less than a year.” This size of a construction project, built and completed in less than a year is an ambitious schedule but, not unreasonable.

According to the Conlan Company’s website, it was founded in 1987, and “has grown from a small commercial contractor headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia to a national contracting firm with additional offices in Dallas, Texas and Jacksonville, Florida, licensed from the East Coast to California.”


The Amzon site in Chattanooga, Tennessee is the fourth largest listed on their website at 1,016,144 sq. ft., with the largest being “Troy DFC for Home Depot” in Luckey, Ohio at 1,642,584 sq. ft.

We have asked, but not yet received confirmation on the site or address from Ashley Gossen, Communications Director for the Greater San Marcos Partnership

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