SECOND FORUM VIDEO: Hays County LWV 2018 State Of Texas And US Primary Candidate Forum

The Hays County League of Women Voters held their second Primary Forum on Thursday for State of Texas and US Candidates on the Hays County Ballot…

The Forum was held Thursday, February 15, at the San Marcos Activity Center and consisted of the U. S. and State Representatives and State Senator.

Candidates invited to speak were…

  • U.S. Representative District 21
  • U.S. Representative District 25
  • U.S. Representative District 35
  • State Senator District 25
  • State Representative District 45

The forum was an opportunity for the Hays County community to hear the issues that most interested or concerned candidates. 

Candidates brought up a variety of topics including small business regulations, medicaid and social security, gun laws and President Donald Trump and his response to the recent school shooting.

On February 14, the day before the forum, 19-year-old Nickolas Cruz entered his former Florida high school with an AR-15; seventeen people were killed including three teachers and fifteen students. Fifteen others were injured.

One of the many topics in which all 18 candidates present agreed was necessary regulations to prevent future mass shootings at schools in the future.

Previously known as San Marcos League of Women Voters, the League is a non-partisan organization open to both women and men dedicated to voter awareness and education. 

The League believes in the representative form of government and individual liberties established in the Constitution of the United States.

A guiding principle of the League is that  “government depends upon the informed and active participation of its citizens and requires that governmental bodies protect the citizen’s right to know by giving adequate notice of proposed actions, holding open meetings and making public records accessible.”

In-person early voting opened Tuesday, Feb. 20. It will end Friday, March 2, and the election date for the Primary is Tuesday, March 6.

For more information about the League or the Debate, contact Jeannie Lewis at or (512) 353-2872.


  • U.S. Representative Districts 21
  • U.S. Representative Districts 25
  • U.S. Representative Districts 35
  • State Senator District 25
  • State Representative District 45

Hays County League of Women Voters Primary Election Forum 2018

07:40                      U.S. House of Representatives – District 21

Democrat Candidates

Derrick Crowe
Elliott McFadden
Joseph Kopser

23:04                      U.S House of Representatives – District 21

Republican Candidates

Peggy Wardlaw
Samuel Temple

34:36                      U.S. House — District 25

Democrat Candidates

Chetan Panda
Chris Perri
Julie Oliver
Kathi Thomas
West Hansen

56:13                      U.S. House — District 35

Republican Candidate

David Smalling

1:01:55                   Texas Senate — District 25

Democrat Candidates

Jack Guerra
Steven Kling

1:13:01                   Texas Senate — District 25

Republican Candidate

Shannon K. McClendon

1:18:04                   Texas House District 45

Democrat Candidates

Erin Zwiener
Les Carnes
Rebecca Bell-Metereau


1:34:55                   Texas House District 45

Republican Candidates

Austin Talley
Ken Strange




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