UPDATE 12:51 PM: Suspect Killed In Officer-Involved Shooting In San Marcos

UPDATE 12:51 PM: Suspect Killed In Officer-Involved Shooting In San Marcos

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UPDATED Sunday, 12:51 PM

The San Marcos Police Department released the name of the deceased suspect this morning and details about how the incident occurred.

John Richard Camacho

Just after 9:30 PM, the San Marcos Police Department responded to call from a concerned citizen, who reported seeing a man shoot a handgun at a vehicle. The suspect was reported to have then gotten into the vehicle.

Dispatch received a description of the vehicle and the suspect and located it within a few minutes. Responding officers performed a high-risk traffic stop on the vehicle at the intersection of West Hopkins and Bishop Streets.

According to San Marcos Chief of Police, Chase Stapp, the suspect, who was identified based on the witness’s original description, exited the vehicle. He was instructed to put his hands up; however, after initially complying, he reached for his waistline and moved to pull the pistol out.  

The two officers on scene fired multiple times, and the suspect was struck by the officer’s gunfire. The pistol was determined to be a pellet pistol manufactured to look identical to a semi-automatic handgun.

Pellet Gun

The man was pronounced deceased at the scene by Justice of the Peace Jo Anne Prado. The suspect has been identified as 27-year-old John Richard Camacho of Canyon Lake, Texas.

According to Chief Stapp, the suspect has a criminal history of weapon offenses and crimes of violence. The driver of the vehicle is working with the police while they investigate.

Corridor News will update this story with the photos of the deceased and his weapon when it is received.

“The members of the San Marcos Police Department value the sanctity of human life above all things,” Chief Stapp said. “And anytime we are forced to take a life in the course of our duties; we will do our best to provide as much information as we can as quickly as we can to our community.”


On Friday night, Jan. 4, a suspect was shot and killed in an officer-involved shooting in downtown San Marcos.

According to the San Marcos Police Department, the incident occurred during a traffic stop on Bishop St; no officers were injured, and the suspect is deceased.

A press conference will be held on Saturday around midday to provide full details regarding the shooting. Officials said the time of the press conference will be announced in the morning.

No further information has been reported at this time.


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