Texas will gain two seats in Congress as residents of color drive population gains

Texas will have 38 congressional seats as a result of the latest U.S. census. It's one of six states to gain seats, and it's the only state that will get more than one.

By Alexa Ura

Texas has doubled its congressional delegation in the last century

Because of its population growth over the last century, Texas has never lost a seat in Congress. The state has gone from 18 Congressional districts in 1910 to 38 based on its population count following the 2020 census.


Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Credit: Carla Astudillo


Texas ultimately fell short of the three congressional seats it was projected to gain based on population estimates. Census Bureau officials on Monday indicated the state’s 2020 population count was slightly lower — a difference of about 1% — than the estimates.

Texas’ original maps from 2011 were eventually ruled unconstitutional, and federal judges found lawmakers purposefully diminished the voting strength of voters of color in the Texas House and in several congressional districts.

Court fights over the maps resulted in the 2012 primary elections being pushed back by more than two months even without any census-related delays at the time. Under the state’s current schedule, the filing deadline for candidates hoping to be on the 2022 primary ballot is Dec. 13.

This story originally published by the Texas Tribune.

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