UPDATE: Investigation into SMPD officer-involved shooting concludes

Sierra Martin | Managing Editor

SAN MARCOS – On Monday, January 24, 2022, the San Marcos Police Department (SMPD) received an official report from Hays County District Attorney Wes Mau regarding an investigation into the shooting involving SMPD officers that occurred April 10, 2021, and resulted in the death of 31-year-old Rescue Eram. 

A Grand Jury review returned a no bill for the two San Marcos Police officers involved and an internal investigation concluded the officers’ actions followed departmental policy.

In the report, District Attorney Mau concluded: “The officer’s reported perceptions are compatible with the body camera footage and other evidence observed at the scene. The officers reasonably perceived Eram’s actions as demonstrating the imminent unlawful use of deadly force, potentially the murder of a peace officer. Eram’s refusal to drop the weapon when demanded at gunpoint raised reasonable concerns about his intentions. Eram’s subsequent sudden charge towards officers with the weapon raised cannot be reasonably interpreted as anything other than a potentially deadly attack.”

At approximately 12:19 a.m. on April 10, 2021, San Marcos officers were alerted to a male walking in traffic on Interstate 35 near southbound mile marker 204 for Seguin (TX-82, TX-123).

Officers witnessed the man (Eram) walk along the retaining wall then cross traffic and attempted to detain the man for his safety and for the safety of passing motorists.

Officers noted that Eram was holding a knife or similar object in his hand, and at one point threatened officers by moving aggressively toward them.

Officers tried to detain Eram, but the suspect turned and fully charged officers with a weapon held above his head in a manner similar to a striking or slashing motion.

The suspect was shot and officers began to administer life-saving efforts including CPR.

Hays County EMS personnel were present at the scene and the suspect was pronounced deceased by Justice of the Peace Maggie H. Moreno and was transported to the Medical Examiner’s office.

Three investigations began after the incident, including an independent investigation by the Texas Rangers Division of the Department of Public Safety, an investigation by the San Marcos Criminal Investigation Division, and an internal SMPD investigation.

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  1. “Officers noted that Eram was holding a knife or similar object in his hand”

    Eram was shot to death nine months ago – media outlets are still reporting “knife or similar object” ??

    No need to repeat the cops’ absurd line, unattributed — find out from SMPD if it was a knife or not!
    I’d bet $100, not actually a knife, based on the copaganda phrasing that too many news orgs have thoughtlessly parroted in print, as if a reporter is incapable of confirming a rather important & relevant fact, by, you know, getting an answer from the department.

    1. we wouldn’t know from reading this; it’s just the DA’s report rehashed. another immediate question is why was was less-than-lethal force not applied instead?

  2. Gosh . . .Jordan Buckley asks, ” why was was less-than-lethal force not applied?”

    Because Mano Amiga does not believe in “less-than-lethal force”, sir. That’s why.
    Your outfit believes in using force to achieve illegal goals by means of criminal acts.
    For example, the illegal foreign national that was lured by Mano Amiga
    to San Marcos, Jose Alfredo Perez DeLaCruz, who on April 18, 2020
    murdered police officer Justin Putnam and attempted to ambush
    two other cops, but only wounded them.
    Yeah, . .YOUR guy Perez did it your way, Mr. Buckley. He is YOUR hero.
    Did Mano Amiga send it’s condolences to the Putnam family ? Nope.

    At hand, did your new hero let go of his weapon and stop advancing. Nope.
    It’s kind of apparent Mr. Buckley. You are what you hate.
    Words aside, try acting this out personally with me, Mr.Buckley and I will stop you cold.

    1. praying for you, Janna, & re-reading your comment a few times to try to make sense of whatever on Earth you’re struggling to say

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