World renowned artist Bill Hutson’s work “Image of Scorpius” to be shown in Downtown San Marcos

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SAN MARCOS – “Image of Scorpius” is the latest art exhibition at the San Marcos Art Center featuring the work of world-renowned artist and San Marcos native, Bill Hutson. Hutson, born in 1936, was raised in the Dunbar neighborhood of San Marcos.

Bill Hutson, Variations on a Marigold (with Scorpius) For Estee Mayim Altman, 2019, giclée print, 10 ¾ x 8 ¾ inches. Artwork courtesy of Bill Hutson. All rights reserved. Photograph: Madelynn Mesa.

His work, Variations on a Marigold (with Scorpius) will be featured at the San Marcos Art Center from January 12th through March 20th 2022 during Art Center hours of operation. Due to the rise in covid-19 cases, The San Marcos Art League, sponsors of the San Marcos Art Center, invites art lovers to view the piece in the front window of the Art Center on January 16th across from this year’s Hays County CommonUnity MLK Jr. Festival in Downtown San Marcos.

Hutson’s work, Variations on a Marigold (with Scorpius) will be shown as a print in Downtown San Marcos; the original work was gifted by Hutson to Estee Mayim Altman.

“Ms. Altman is a child of one of my former students who lives in Los Angeles, CA.” Hutson explains. “As you will notice, the painting is a sort of flower, and it also includes 17 stars in the configuration of the Scorpius cosmos.”

Hutson’s dynamic composition in his works communicates abstract depictions of history, symbolism and representation for African Americans through Hutson’s eyes.

The city-wide exhibition, “The Art of Bill Hutson” expands over 5 locations in San Marcos, each with different works by Hutson. Art League President, Gerald Kurten, is especially proud of this collaboration.

“It’s been a real fantastic opportunity to see what we can build collectively in our community, to achieve something of that scale.” Kurten explained in an interview. “With the cooperation of the Price Center, The Calaboose African American History Museum, the San Marcos Public Library, the Walkers’ Gallery, Texas State Galleries and the San Marcos Arts Commission; I’m not sure something like this has been accomplished in San Marcos before”.

Come see the exhibit for yourself at the San Marcos Art Center at 117 N Guadalupe St. Suite 101, Wednesday-Sunday 11 a.m.- 5 p.m; Saturdays 10 a.m. – 5 p.m, starting on January 12th.

You can find more information on more locations for “The Art of Bill Hutson” at

Funded in part by the San Marcos Arts Commission.

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