Zoning Request For Manufactured Home Park Fails At Council

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On Tuesday, the San Marcos City Council held a public hearing and considered a rezoning request for 72.85 acres of land located on Harris Hill Road.

The subject property is proposed for-lease lots where renters could place their own manufactured home and is attached to the Saddlebrook Manufactured Home Park.

During the public hearing, Lisa Marie Coppoletta addressed the council about her concerns regarding the project.

“Twenty-two minutes, that’s a long time to wait if someone is having a heart attack. Twenty-two minutes that’s a long time to wait if your child is choking,” Coppoletta said. “Do these residents know the response time is going to be up to 22 minutes? And, I’m confused why this information wasn’t made public.”

At their meeting on December 15, 2020, the Planning & Zoning Commission voted 8-0 to recommend approval of the request. Commissioner Moore asked if the development will be connected to City wastewater services. The applicant and staff confirmed that this development would connect to City wastewater. Commissioner Dillon stated that the proposed development is consistent with the existing area and complimented the aesthetics of Saddlebrook. After asking when Saddlebrook was developed, City staff confirmed that the property was platted in 2000. Commissioner Spell agreed that Saddlebrook is a good example of a manufactured home community.

However, councilmembers reciprocated concerns about the long response times for emergency services and the potential flood risks.

According to the developer, they do not intend to allow anyone to rent or place homes in the flood plain.

But Councilmember Saul Gonzales said he didn’t feel the project was affordable housing as residents would not own the land beneath their homes.

Several councilmembers said they could not vote for the zoning request since residents would not own the property.  

A vote to approve the zoning request failed 3 to 4 with Mayor Jane Hughson and Councilmembers Melissa Derrick and Mark Gleason voting for it.

No further vote was taken to allow the applicant to come back with an alternative plan with the same zoning request.

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