Zumper Monthly Rental Price Report: San Marcos fourth cheapest rent in region

The Zumper Austin Metro Area Report analyzed active listings in April 2021 across 6 metro cities to show the most and least expensive cities and cities with the fastest growing rents. The Texas one-bedroom median rent was $966 last month.



The Most Expensive

 Austin was the most expensive city with one-bedrooms priced at $1,180.

 Leander ranked as the second priciest with rent at $1,130.

 Georgetown followed closely behind as third with rent at $1,060.


The Least Expensive

 San Marcos ranked as the most affordable city with one-bedrooms priced at $910.

 Round Rock & Pflugerville were tied for second with rents both at $1,060.



The Fastest Growing (Y/Y%)

 Round Rock had the fastest growing rent, up 3.9% since this time last year.


The Fastest Growing (M/M%)

Round Rock also had the largest monthly rental growth rate, up 1.0%



The Zumper Austin Metro Area Report analyzed active listings that hit the market last month. Listings are aggregated by city to calculate median asking rents.

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  1. What will the affordable housing hacks do now? Kinda puts a dent in the New Urbanist chess board. BOOM! Maybe can start preserving trees versus killing them in the name of the golden calf “affordable housing.”

  2. I’d be interested to see the impact student housing is making on these numbers. A student apartment can rent for $400-500/month. Slam four of them together with a shared living & kitchen and the revenue per square foot exceeds what can be achieved in Colorado.

    No, I would not say San Marcos has cheap housing. A decent 3 bed/2 bath house can reasonably expect to fetch $1,800/month. Again, only slightly less than Colorado. You want to own here. That same house would carry a mortgage of about $1300/month. Personally, I like that we are encouraging home ownership over renting.

    You want cheaper? Move to Arizona. But careful of that A/C bill.

    1. Hmmm… Could be because to of the student housing properties are owned by a Denver-base company.

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