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Austin Habitat For Humanity Opens ReStore Location In San Marcos

“I appreciate the opportunity and just everything that led up to us getting here today,” Hutchinson said. “We’ve wanted this for so long, so to have the horse power of Austin come and make this possible for us is just really great.”

By, Terra Rivers, Managing Editor

On Thursday, December 13, Austin Habitat for Humanity held the grand opening of their San Marcos ReStore location.

San Marcos Councilmember Lisa Prewitt, San Marcos City Manager Bert Lumbreras and several other members of the local and business communities were in attendance to celebrate the store’s official opening.

Curtis Page, Chairman of the Austin Habitat for Humanity Board, opened the grand opening with a prayer.

The San Marcos location is the first in Hays County and the second of two in the Austin Metro area.

Habitat for Humanity ReStores are independently owned reuse stores operated by local Habitat for Humanity organizations that accept donations and sell home improvement items to the public at a fraction of the retail price.

Proceeds are used to help build strength, stability, self-reliance and shelter in local communities and around the world.

According to Phil Hutchinson, regional representative on the board of Austin Habitat for Humanity and former chairman of San Marcos Habitat for Humanity, residents of San Marcos had expressed interest in having a ReStore built in the area for years.

“I appreciate the opportunity and just everything that led up to us getting here today,” Hutchinson said. “We’ve wanted this for so long, so to have the horse power of Austin come and make this possible for us is just really great.”

In March 2018, San Marcos Habitat for Humanity merged with Austin Habitat for Humanity in order to “address affordability issues throughout Central Texas” in a greater capacity.

As part of the negotiations with Austin Habitat, Austin Habitat would build at least two new homes in Hays County every year.

“We negotiated some great commitments out of Austin to take over San Marcos, if you will,” Hutchinson said. “They’ve honored those commitments above and beyond in terms of buying lots; they’ve already bought another lot for us, and they’ve put into the budget for lots and construction. We’ll see home construction in San Marcos double. We’ve built an average of one home per year since we started in ’95. This ReStore was not in any commitment, especially not this early, so we’re very happy to get that ReStore as quick as we got it.”

In October, Habitat for Humanity held a dedication ceremony to celebrate the completion of their latest San Marcos Build. The homeowners, Jonathon and Celeste Munoz, received the keys to their new home.

Celeste and Jonathon shared their story with event attendees and how Habitat for Humanity had impacted their lives.

“I really want to thank Habitat for Humanity for everything they’ve done,” Celeste said. “Our kids are six and one, and they will come to know the lord in this home that we have. We no longer have to live with three generations in one household. We no longer have to struggle in poverty. We have that leg up that habitat has given us.”

Jonathon said he and Celeste wanted to continue to see families strive and grow and give back to their community.

William Stockton, Vice President of Retail for Austin Habitat for Humanity, thanked ReStores’ corporate partners.

“Our restore partners are what it’s about; it’s our donors, partnerships and not only their organizations and their businesses but their clients and their employees,” Stockton said. “They’re all coming over here and donating to the Habitat ReStore…We appreciate every support you give us in this community.”

ReStore San Marcos Staff participate in ribbon cutting at Grand Opening.

Habitat for Humanity celebrated the official opening of the San Marcos ReStore with a ribbon cutting. A line of shoppers wrapped around the building in anticipation of the store’s opening.

Austin Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization, which aims to help build strong, stable communities by following the business model of a “Hand up, not a hand out.” The organization is funded by corporate and individual contributions.

ReStore stores are made possible by donations from members of the community and by corporate and business partners. The inventory rapidly changes as furniture, appliances and other home improvement items are sold.

San Marcos ReStore is located 2521 I-35 between the McCartney Lane and Wonder World Drive.


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