$5 Foot Long Adoptions Are Back At Austin Animal Center

The $5 Foot Long adoption promotion is back! Beginning Thursday, January 17 through Monday, January 21. The Austin Animal Center (AAC) will offer $5 adoption fees for all animals measuring 12 inches or longer. Animals are measured for length beginning at the top of the shoulders to the base of the tail.

The promotion focuses on larger animals, who can often take longer to find forever homes.

“Small dogs, puppies and kittens are relatively easy to find homes for—everyone wants a small dog, maybe because the perception is they’re easier to care for. But large dogs come with their own list of benefits, like adventure buddies, bodyguards, and portable heaters for these chilly nights”, said Jennifer Olohan, Communications and Media Manager for AAC.

The shelter currently has hundreds of dogs who qualify for the $5 Foot Long promotion, and of those, more than 100 have been waiting a month or longer to find a home.

Cats are also eligible, as long as they measure up!

More information about the $5 Foot Long promotion can be found on the Austin Animal Center Facebook page. AAC is open from 11am-7pm every day.

The Animal Services Office operates the Austin Animal Center, the largest municipal animal shelter in Central Texas and the largest “no-kill” community in the United States.

They provide shelter to more than 17,000 animals annually, with a goal to provide a safe place for lost and homeless animals and to educate their community in order to prevent animal homelessness and promote compassionate treatment of animals and responsible pet ownership.


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