Art league hosts members’ show, “A Place For Art,”at the Price Center

SAN MARCOS – The San Marcos Art League will be hosting their annual members’ show titled “A Place For Art” this summer from June 1st through July 24th at The Price Center & Garden. Because of social distancing practices, SMAL will not have an opening reception for the exhibit, but the San Marcos community is encouraged to come to the Price Center during hours of operation (10am-5pm) and see this exhibit featuring San Marcos Art League members.

This year’s theme for the exhibit touches on the concept of ‘place’ in art; hence the title, A Place for Art. “Wherever artists take up tools to use in creative practice—the brush, the camera, the wheel, the scaffold, the computer- we claim space to create” explains Jennifer Epperson, a local artist and board member of the San Marcos Art League. “That space may be a studio, in nature, or at the kitchen table. Wherever artists work becomes a place for art. As reflectors of our surroundings, artists define the extent to which “place” filters into the creative process. We reflect our surroundings– the exterior so-called reality, and the interior world of dreams, imagining and inspiration.”

“We understand instinctively that a landscape of Hawaii will differ dramatically from one painted in Maine. Why? Light, color, scale, physical features–all are impacted by place” Jennifer describes. Members of the San Marcos Art League are encouraged to submit their work for this show with careful consideration on how these ideas of ‘place’ come into play.

Members can submit up to two pieces of art for the exhibition by taking their work to the Price Center on May 24th and May 25th from 10am-5pm. Along with the usual intake form (applicants will receive this when they take their work in to the Price Center on this date), please submit a couple of sentences regarding the pieces you select to show. Tell SMAL about how place affects your work and the inspiration for it.

Not a member? New members can join for $37 on the Art League website at The exhibit will be installed on May 26th and art pickup for artists will be July 26th and 27th from 10am-5pm. For more information visit the Art League website or contact

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