Assisted Living Center Implements System To Create Disinfectant On-Site

On April 30, R-Water announced the installation of EPA-regulated anti-microbial pesticide device at Appletree Court Assisted Living in Richardson, Texas.

More than 2,300 long-term care facilities throughout 37 states have reported cases of COVID-19 with 12,000 deaths.

R-Water’s installation will allow the assisted living center to produce TK60, a hypoallergenic disinfectant proven effective in killing Coronavirus, MRSA and C. Diff. Sports in a minute.

“We are pleased to work with Appletree Court Assisted Living,” said Rayne Guest, founder and CEO of R-Water. “The facility’s medical professionals, caregivers, and workers go to great lengths to care for our loved ones. It’s our responsibility to protect them with safer and faster-acting products.”

The device attaches directly to the water supply in the center’s janitorial closet to produce the disinfectant and a multi-surface cleaner, FC+.

“It’s extremely difficult and expensive to procure disinfectants right now,” said Aubra Franklin, president of Franklin Properties which owns and operates Appletree. “Being able to produce an ample supply of a nontoxic healthcare grade disinfectant on-site, that works ten times faster than most disinfectants is a game-changer.”

The City of Austin’s building services department installed the technology to produce a powerful, hypoallergenic healthcare grade disinfectant and all-purpose cleaner on-site in early March.

“It’s amazing what a little change, like these solutions, can do for morale,” said Eric Herman, Public Services Manager for The City of Austin.

Franklin Properties in San Antonio, which are senior care facilities, implemented R-Water’s system four years ago to help fight the flu virus. 

TK60 is comprised of 99.98% water and .02% hypochlorous acid and is non-toxic to humans and animals; it is the same thing white blood cells produce to fight pathogens in the human body.

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