BSEACD Announces The Start Of The Summer Water Conservation Period

The Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District’s (BSEACD) Water Conservation Period started Wednesday, May 1st and extends through the end of September—the time when water use is at its peak.

Recent wet weather has helped augment water supplies, but there is still a need to conserve water resources and BSEACD is initiating a voluntary 10% reduction in groundwater pumping and applies to to their groundwater users in the three county region.

BSEACD district encompasses approximately 247 square miles in Caldwell, Hays, and Travis Counties; its land use in 2007 was estimated to be about 29 percent urban/suburban, 51 percent ranchland/farmland, 19 percent open space/conservation land/water, and 1 percent mining/landfill/other land use.

        Graphic courtesy of BSEACD

In the past 10 years, Central Texas has experienced 5 separate droughts lasting from 2 months to over a year in duration.

Water conservation through the summer months can help delay and/or avoid another drought situation. Though the approaches are different, the goal is the same—prolong water availability throughout the hottest and driest portion of the year.

In the summer months, outdoor water use is significantly higher and can account for 60% or more of home water use.

Planting native or drought-tolerant landscapes, mulching, and using compost can substantially reduce the amount of irrigation water required to keep plants healthy.

Making sure irrigation systems are functioning at peak efficiency and replacing leaking gaskets and hoses can help conserve water. Installing a rain barrel or rainwater harvesting system can make an even bigger impact in reducing overall water use.

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BSEACD is a groundwater conservation district charged by the Texas Legislature to preserve, conserve, and protect the aquifers and groundwater resources within its jurisdiction, which includes parts of three central Texas counties.

It is governed by a Board of five elected directors and staffed with hydrogeologists, groundwater regulatory compliance specialists, environmental educators, geospatial systems specialists, and administrative support personnel.


BSEACD district encompasses approximately 247 square miles in Caldwell, Hays, and Travis Counties | Source: Google Earth


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