Buda Opens Voting To Name A 260-Year-Old Heritage Oak Tree

Buda’s 260-year-old heritage oak tree, anchoring the southeast corner of the new Municipal Complex and library grounds, is about to get a name. The Buda City Council has approved a community- generated final slate of names for online voting by the public.

Will it be Ancestor’s Legacy, Guardian Oak, La Viuda, Widows’ Oak, or Rolling Oak? You decide!

Organized by the Friends of the Buda Library, ballots are available online at friendsofthebudalibrary.org now through August 21.

Persons wanting to participate but who are not able to vote online from home, can visit the Buda Library and ask for help from librarians.

The website presents each name and the reason behind it. Ancestor’s Legacy honors its age and constancy; Guardian Oak acknowledges its original location on the site of the new police department, and honors our community’s contemporary guardians; La Viuda and Widow’s Oak reference early Buda residents whose cooking for travelers and settlers may have resulted in the town’s current name; and Rolling Oak recounts the amazing accomplishment of transporting and transplanting the ancient oak from one part of the property to another because of new construction.

The “winning” name will be revealed at a dedication ceremony on Saturday, August 24 at 10 a.m., at the Buda Municipal Complex (map). Everyone is invited to participate in the celebration.

Friends of the Buda Library Website

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