Burke Center for Youth opens $3.1 million dorm

Sierra Martin | Managing Editor

On Friday, July 30, the Burke Center for Youth held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the official opening of their newly completed $3.3 million dormitory. 

Located in Driftwood, Texas, the Burke Center for Youth is a residential treatment home for foster boys between eleven and seventeen. The dorm will house the foster boys and will be the only Texas foster facility where each boy has their own room.

Rosemary Burke Campise, the founder of the Burke Center for Youth.

The Burke Center has helped thousands of abused and neglected foster children since its opening in 1973, and after the completion of the new dorm, they can increase their numbers from 21 to 30 boys in their care. 

Founder of the Burke Center, Mrs. Rosemary Burke Campise, cut the ribbon on the new $3.3 million dorm “Founders Hall,” 48 years after starting the Burke Center for Youth.

“This milestone marks the first time the foster boys in our care will have rooms of their own,” stated Executive Director Steve Fournier.  “Throughout this long journey, caring for 11 to 17-year-old foster boys, many milestones have been passed. Our founders Charlie and Rose Campise, with their unwavering love and commitment, helped thousands of foster children in Texas have a better life.” 

Their programs are focused on helping their residents achieve skills, experience and expertise in various areas while allowing them to experience a childhood they never had. Some of the many programs include guitar lessons, woodshop, fly fishing, auto hobby, culinary arts and equine therapy.

The facility called “Pathfinders Ranch” is built on a 55-acre ranch in Driftwood and has about 20 people a day coming and going from direct care staff, teachers, administrative/ supportive staff, therapists, volunteers and mentors. 

One of the rooms in the new dorm. Photo courtesy of the Burke Center for Youth.

The Burke Center for Youth has a Child Placement Agency with offices throughout Texas along with Pathfinders Ranch. The agency finds placements for around 70 children, girls and boys from birth to 18-years-old and have between 30-40 foster families.

“Have people open up their hearts to fostering and to adopt,” said Fournier. “No matter which organization they help or how they can make a difference. These kids really do need their help, especially in these times.”

More information on volunteering, mentoring, fostering and adopting can be found on the Burke Center for Youth’s website

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