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HAYS COUNTY — Brandon Burleson, a life-long resident of Hays County, has announced his candidacy in the Democratic Primary for Hays County Judge.  

Burleson, 32, is a small business owner and graduate of San Marcos High School and Texas State University. His campaign is focused on providing leadership that puts Hays County citizens first.

Burleson said that keeping up with explosive development is expensive, he will challenge county staff to protect existing services by increasing efficiency and innovation in all operations.

“We must provide our residents with the best, and at the best price,” Burleson said. 

“The people of Hays County can have no doubts that every penny we spend is being spent as wisely as possible. Holding the tax rate steady is important, but it is not enough. As property assessments increase, a stable tax rate still results in a higher tax bill. We must do better. And this will be one of my highest priorities as County Judge,” Burleson said. 

In addition to a focus on transportation, jobs, education, and the delivery of health and social services, Burleson said that attracting, developing, and nurturing workforce-based economic development that supports existing businesses and attracts new ones are the keys to a successful Hays County. Values are important, too, said Burleson, and we must restore trust, honesty, and integrity. 

“Hays County must be able to accommodate unprecedented growth while maintaining a balance between rural and urban areas,” said Burleson. “As we protect our open lands, our water, our air, and the natural beauty of our Texas Hill Country.”

Burleson is the grandson of San Marcos’s Rose Brooks, the matriarch of Hays County  Democrats.

“My grandma, a woman of strong faith, taught me the importance of working for a better community, particularly for those who do not have a place at the table, since before I could even read or write,” said Burleson. “Her example of working for opportunity, equality, and a responsive government have not only made me proud, but they have also stayed with me, and inspire me in this quest.”   

According to Burleson’s campaign, he is an active community volunteer for organizations and activities including the annual Juneteenth BBQ Cook-Off and Cake Auctions, Jackson Chapel United Methodist Church, soup kitchen, and CASA. He is a board member of the Texas State Friends of Fine Arts &  Communications, and his businesses also support local causes. 

Burleson said that he sees his candidacy not as a personal ambition, but as a shared sense of service with  the hard-working people of Hays County. 

The following statement was provided to Corridor News by the Burleson Campaign regarding Hays County COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) Program losing nearly $800,000 in federal grant funding due to not hitting the targeted milestones in the distribution set by the U.S. Treasury Department.

I was appalled to learn that Hays County had to return $800,000 in federal emergency rental assistance because of a lack of timely action by County leadership in disbursing millions of dollars to needy residents during the challenging COVID-19 pandemic.

It also concerns me that only $166,000 out of an award of $7 million had been distributed by Hays County as of September 30, 2021. This is an insult to our residents. This is especially unwelcome news as Hays County residents are again facing winter storms and freezing temperatures.

We all remember last year when more than 200 Texans died because of a lack of adequate heat and shelter. We cannot tolerate any more failure in strengthening these life-saving safety nets.

We have been told that the county has a plan. Having a plan is not enough. I promise, if elected, to work with my fellow Commissioners to put in place procedure to ensure that all funds from the federal and state governments earmarked for our residents reach them in a speedy and efficient manner.Brandon Burleson

Early voting for the 2022 Primary Election begins on Monday, February 14.

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