City Of Buda Implements Changes To Pet Registration Process

Due to COVID-19 the City of Buda has changed procedures for microchipping and in-person pet registration.

To have an animal microchipped, residents MUST first schedule an appointment online HERE, and then complete the required forms and submit all required documentation HERE at least two days before the scheduled appointment.

If this is not completed we will not be able to fulfill your implant request. Once a pet owner arrives, they should remain in their vehicle and call 512-523-1034 and advise the call taker that they are out front.

All animals over the age of four (4) months must be implanted with a microchip and registered with the City of Buda.

License and registration may be obtained at Buda Police Department located at 405 E. Loop St., Building 200 or online here.

Please submit the required documentation and answer all questions or your registration will not be processed.

There is currently no cost to register until September 30, 2020, and registration will be for the lifetime of the pet.

To register a dog or cat they must have current rabies vaccinations and an implanted microchip. The city of Buda residents can obtain a microchip for free by scheduling an appointment with animal control here.

Pet owners must resubmit proof of rabies vaccination within two (2) weeks of the date of expiration.

New proof of rabies vaccination must be submitted in person or by email to, failure to resubmit proof of current rabies vaccination within the required time may result in citations or revocation of the animal license.

By obtaining a City of Buda Animal Registration, residents are ensuring their pets safety and well being, proper animal registration allows Animal Control to :

  • Locate the proper owner of the animal faster.
  • Helps to return a lost pet without it ever leaving the city and going to the shelter.
  • Provides a point to contact for the city to contact the owner should any health, safety, or security issue arise concerning their animal.

Residents can view the new City of Buda Chapter 4 Ordinances relating to animals here.

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