City Of Buda Releases Update On Bond Projects

On January 7, the City of Buda released an update for all bond road and drainage projects.

San Antonio/Garison/Main St. Intersection

The San Antonio / Garrison Road project was completed in December 2018. The completed roadway allows for more parking, better drainage, and it also improves safety of the San Antonio / Garrison / Main Street intersection. Cox Construction was able to complete the project on schedule and under the Engineer’s estimate of probable cost.

Main St. and FM 967 Intersection Improvements

Main and FM 967 intersection improvements were selected to be funded through a Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) funding allocation. Of the estimated $2.3 million project, approximately $1.4 million will now be funded using federal highway dollars.

With the funding come additional hurdles and processes that must be cleared before the project can go out for bid such as environmental clearances. Staff and the design team are working through those processes with TxDOT now.

With savings available to the City of Buda as a result of the federal dollars, the City Council also approved an agreement with the Pedernales Electric Co-op to place the overhead utility lines at the intersection underground in order to enhance the aesthetics and visual appeal of downtown Buda.

Since this is an “on-system” roadway, meaning that the road is still under control of TxDOT, TxDOT has selected to bid and manage this project instead of the City of Buda. TxDOT anticipates that this project will now go out for bid late summer of 2019. Staff will be working to coordinate the construction of this project with downtown events.

Main Street Improvements

Design is wrapping up on the Main Street improvements that will impact Main Street from Cabela’s Drive to the railroad tracks in downtown.

The sequencing of the project has been adjusted to move the signalized intersection improvements and Main and Sequoyah/Loop Street up to the front of the project due to the increased traffic generated by the new municipal complex. The Main Street project is slated to bid in late January with construction anticipated to begin in March 2019.

Old Goforth Road Improvement Project

The Old Goforth Road improvement project was bid in November 2018. Smith Contracting Co. was selected as the contractor in December 2018. A pre-construction meeting will be held between City staff and the contractor in early January. Construction is anticipated to start in January 2019.

Proposition 4 Drainage Projects

On the Proposition 4 Drainage projects, work continues on the Project Area 2 (Houston Street) Drainage improvements. Smith Contracting Co. is the contractor for the project. A few delays have been incurred due to rain days. Substantial completion of the project is expected in early 2019.

Project Area 3 (Oxbow) was bid and awarded to Patin Construction in December 2018. A pre-construction meeting is slated for January 2019 with work expected to begin soon thereafter.

The City has completed everything related to the FEMA funding requirements for the Project Area 1 Drainage improvements. The project is still in review with FEMA. Once the project is approved, the City will be ready to bid the project and begin construction.

City Park Improvement Project

The City Park project was bid and the construction contract was awarded to the Barr Company in December 2018. The City Council voted to award construction of the full construction package including the amphitheater, stage, splash pad, and playgrounds.

Construction is expected to begin in February 2019 and is expected to take 12-14 months. It is our hope that portions of the park may be completed sooner so that areas of the park may be utilized for downtown festivals and events in 2019.

The City is also seeking naming rights sponsors and donations to help fund the City Park project. To learn more, click here: City Park Sponsorship Opportunities.


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