City of Buda reviewing proposed project on RM 967

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BUDA – The developer for the Persimmon/Bailey/Armbruster Project, which has garnered a lot of community interest, has petitioned the City of Buda for review of proposed residential and non-residential development on their property located north of RM 967.
A small portion of the Bailey and Armbruster tracts along RM 967 is within the City of Buda and zoned B-2 (12 +/- acres). Another portion of the property is contiguous to the City limits, but within its extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) (463 +/- acres). The proposed project is primarily single-family residential development, with some non-residential uses, and potentially some apartments. 
The project is still in the planning phase, and the developer has requested the City consider several development options, including the creation of a Municipal Utility District (MUD), a Development Agreement (DA) and a Planned Development (PD) zoning to allow the proposed development.
In the State of Texas and City of Buda, the development process involves several steps, and gives citizens and developers the right to participate. The Texas Local Government Code (LGC) grants governmental entities authority to review development applications to ensure the safe, orderly, and healthful development of the City. The City of Buda has adopted policies, ordinances, and rules in accordance with state law to review projects within its city limits and ETJ.
The development review process allows governmental entities to review proposed development standards from applicants who petition the City for a new development project that lies within the City’s planning jurisdiction. The process consists of, but is not limited to, meetings with City of Buda development staff and the Buda Economic Development Corporation; industry-specific planning, building, and engineering review discussions; and board and commission workshops and public hearings.
The City of Buda has not solicited, sought, or promoted this project, but is simply exercising its development review authority, which protects the health, safety, and general welfare of the City of Buda and its citizens.
On Jan.11, 2022, the Buda Planning & Zoning Commission held a workshop to discuss the newly proposed residential and non-residential development on the Bailey and Armbruster tracts. Since then, citizens have expressed confusion about the development process and the status of the project. 
The goal of the workshop was to allow the developers to share their vision and seek feedback. City officials asked questions to gain a better understanding of the proposed project, but no decisions were made.
The property is subject to the jurisdiction of other governmental entities, but a portion of the tracts is located outside of the City limits. Thus, some of the proposed uses may occur without the City of Buda’s consent. Therefore, the City is exploring development scenarios that work best for its citizens, including land use and transportation networks.
The LGC establishes rules and procedures for both cities and counties to require the necessary improvements and infrastructure (roads, utilities, etc.) for the development, which must benefit the development area and be roughly proportional to the proposed development. 
The City of Buda is not seeking or soliciting this project but is merely exercising its governmental authority in evaluating the proposal and providing regulatory oversight.
Please feel free to contact Melissa McCollum, director of planning with the City of Buda Planning Department,, with questions and comments.

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