City Releases Statement On Lake Dunlap Dam Breach, Areas Water Supply

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As most have heard or read on social media this week, Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority or GBRA experienced a spillgate failure at Lake Dunlap May 14, just before 8 a.m. Lake Dunlap is expected to dewater (drain).

According to the GBRA website the peak river flow has subsided. However, they are reminding “stakeholders and recreationalists downstream should continue to exercise extreme caution as water flows will remain brisk.”

The service areas of the GBRA has in one way or another been affected.

According to a statement from the City of San Marcos;

“As you may have seen on the news, a gate failure on Tuesday, May 14, caused Lake Dunlap to be drained.  Lake Dunlap is the source for our surface water supply.

From the City of San Marcos water customers’ standpoint, the dam failure will have no impact. Due to the foresight of past City leadership in diversifying the City’s water supply to include both surface water and ground water sources, the City is able to supply its customers with either supply exclusively or a blend of both sources.

The City’s normal water system operation is to use approximately 80% surface water and 20% ground water. However at times such as this with the dam failure or other events that may affect the surface water supply, the City is able to provide its water system needs solely through its Edwards Aquifer wells at full service levels.

There is no need for our customers to conserve beyond our normal year round levels.

The GBRA has completed a temporary solution within 30 hours for providing water from the Guadalupe River at Lake Dunlap and the City’s surface water treatment facility was back in operation about noon on Wednesday, May 15. This alternate pumping solution will be used until repairs are made to the dam.

Water quality has not been affected and the plant is exceeding all the potable water standards as during normal operations.

The City will continue to work closely with the GBRA during this process to ensure a safe and stable supply of drinking water to our customers.”


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