Corridor News Reaches Out To Juan Miguel Arredondo On Arrest

At 3:05 AM on December 2, 2015 local resident and SMCISD Board Member Juan Miguel Arredondo was arrested by San Marcos PD, for public intoxication, at 339 N Guadalupe Street, and due to issues unrelated to his arrest, was not discharged until December 3 at 7 PM.


Corridor News reached out to Arredondo for an account of this report and personal statement. Arredondo remorsefully repeated “I regret this huge mistake.”


The first calls Arredondo placed upon his release were to his fellow SMCISD colleagues. He informed each of them personally, giving a full account of his actions confessing to “foolish behavior” with utmost transparency and apologies for his transgression.


Arredondo told Corridor News, his main concern was to repair “the trust and confidence of his colleagues and constituents who appointed me.”


Taking full responsibility and accountability for his error in judgement Arredondo states:


“It’s a small town, and lesser things happen that we all find out. I stand by the way I have handled this over the past week, and all I can do is apologize, admit my mistake, and move forward.”


“It is with regret that I could lose the trust of my colleagues, constituents and those who have appointed me with the responsibility I carry on the school board.”


“Although I’m far from perfect, I truly believe that as a product of our schools and community, I offer a unique insight and an ability to actively work to ensure that the students attending our schools get an even better education than I did.”


“We have major decisions coming up for our district, children, and the community as a whole, and I refuse to take that responsibility lightly or let anything detract from the importance of these issues.”


Without losing focus on his primary objective as a school board member and young leader in the San Marcos community, Miguel Arredondo openly expressed personal accountability, displaying noteworthy maturity through this report.


His personal remarks remind us all, mistakes happen; we are all human, simply doing the best we can.

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