Fugitive seen in Martindale arrested

Sierra Martin | Managing Editor

HAYS COUNTY — The Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) has announced that Edward Guidry, a suspect considered “armed and dangerous” previously seen in Martindale, is in custody.

According to officials, at 3:40 p.m. on June 16, Guidry was seen in a Martindale convenience store getting into the back of a stolen vehicle.

The CCSO received information on Monday, June 21, that Arkansas Police have Guidry in custody after police made contact with him on I-40 in Crawford County, Arkansas.

In a press release, the CCSO said that Guidry was wanted in Oklahoma and has pointed a firearm at law enforcement in the past. Officials believe he was trying to travel to Martindale to see family in the area that has a lifetime protective order issued against him. 

“Edward James Guidry is no longer a threat to Caldwell County citizens,” the CCSO said in a Facebook post.


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  1. Thank you for the updated news reports. We live in Garlic Creek and are quite relieved at the immediate response and continuing investigation of gunshots fired in the park.
    Law enforcement taking quick action, as well as your updated reporting, keeps us well informed. Thanks to you and our dedicated police force. I shall look for the next update.

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