UPDATED: Gary Job Corps At First ‘Go Wheels Up!’ & Celebrate Cinco De Mayo On The Courthouse Lawn

UPDATED: Gary Job Corps At First ‘Go Wheels Up!’ & Celebrate Cinco De Mayo On The Courthouse Lawn
Photo Credit To Gary Job Corps | Pictured with Bret Michaels, entertainer are Gary Job Corps’ security cadets Brandon Smith, Christian Smith, Roy Browner, Edward Bentley, and James Howard.

Job Corps is a no-cost education and career technical training program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor that helps young people ages 16 to 24 improve the quality of their lives through career technical and academic training.

The Job Corps program is authorized by Title I-C of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 (supersedes WIA 1998). For more information about the Job Corps program at a national level, please visit their Official Public Web Site.

Gary Job Corps Celebrates Mother’s Day With San Marcos Nursing And Rehabilitation

Representatives from  Gary Job Corps and San Marcos Embassy Hotel and Conference Center have partnered for over 5 years in recognizing the Mom’s at San Marcos Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

Mother’s Day Cards and Cookies were given to the residents of the nursing home sharing the joy of the season. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s from San Marcos Embassy Suites and Gary Job Corps.

Pictured are from San Marcos Embassy Suites are, Michele Hernandez, Dale Anderton, Ashley Hall, Amanda Lopez, Brendan Picard, Pablo Zuniga, Elva Zdeb, Christopher Martinez, from Gary Job Corps, Reyna Vela, Samuel Maravez, Luis Corpus, Rolando Esquivel III, Jose Hernandez, Flor Plancarte, Michelle Barboza, Sharaja Pouncy, Austin Sayer, Kendale Harris, Patricia Beauregard, and Randolph Goodman, from San Marcos Nursing and Rehabilitation Maylin Nguyen.

Gary Job Corps Security Cadets at “Go Wheels Up!” Texas

Go Wheels Up! grew out of Cory Morrow’s dream of combining his passion for cars, aviation, and Texas cuisine with his lifelong pursuit of music into one giant ‘hullaballoo’.

Shooting for the stratosphere, he assembled an incredible team of expert event producers, celebrities, and business minds to create a multi-faceted festival that will be an unforgettable experience for the whole family!  Forty-five Gary Job Corps’ security cadets assisted with traffic and crowd control over the three day event held at the San Marcos Regional Airport.

Clayton Corn, Event Coordinator stated that he was very impressed by the professionalism that was shown by the security cadets and as activities are arranged in the future, the cadets from the Gary Job Corps Center will be the go to group to help handle the crowd and traffic control. He was quoted in saying “The group from Gary Job Corp came through big time for us.

They added an invaluable aspect to the event not only with security, but with just their presence in the field.” The visitors to Go Wheels Up! were entertained by: Bret Michaels, Los Texmaniacs, Kevin Fowler, Red Bull Air Force, B-17 Texas Raiders, Rodney Foster, Dale Watson, Cory Morrow, Gospel Brunch with Josh Weathers, an Auto Show, P-51 Gunfighter, and food vendors.

Gary Job Corps At First ‘Go Wheels Up!’

Cinco de Mayo Celebration at the Hays County Courthouse

The Gary Job Corps’ Honor Guard opened up the Cinco de Mayo event, followed by Hays County Judge Ruben Becerra welcoming all attendees.

Judge Becerra, the first Hispanic County Judge in the history of Hays County, shared with the audience the importance of the Cinco de Mayo celebration to the residents of Hays County.

He further stated that the Office of the Hays County Judge would support an activity a month to be celebrated at the Courthouse area. Gina Alba Rogers, Hays County Historical Commission Tejano History Committee, further told of the role of the Hispanics people in Hays County recounting the history of the Alba family through the mid 1800’s.

Hundreds of Cinco de Mayo visitors celebrated with music, craft booths, and food throughout  the afternoon.

Pictured from Gary Job Corps Honor Guard, Henry Fenta, Michael Metz, Andrew Molnar, Druid Quinley Antonio Castillo Raymond Briener, Instructor Captain Preston Smith, from Hays County Historical Commission Tejano History Committee, Gina Alba Rogers, Irma Gaitan, Faye Haskins, Hays County Judges office, Anita Collins, Alex Villalobos, Gary Job Corps Community Relations Council President Elva Zdeb, and Business Community Liaison Randolph Goodman. “Viva Cinco de Mayo”

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  1. anonymous

    What do you mean “future events”? That was a sadistic torture session for residents at least 2 miles out from the airport–the entire time the event was open for 3 days. Is city revenue really so important they’re willing to drive people from their homes for events?

    1. Patty Coffey

      Yes, the City Managers responded that the noise was not above 85dB, but I can tell you that my house, 2 miles away, was vibrating from the heavy amplified Bass from the concert. This is horrible for people to have to endure (and for 3 days, too!), and even people who think they are not bothered by those heavy bass sounds, believe me, you are being affected, too. Even the CDC has studies on the effects of low frequency vibrations, including migraines, headaches, irritability, nausea, elevated blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, etc. The talented musicians should allow their music to be enjoyed without the amplified bass sounds! That would be more considerate of the residents in the area – yes, those 2 miles away! And they are planning future events [obviously, the city revenue is more important than the well-being of the San Marcos residents]. Please, please, please -down the bass effect!!!!!!!!! There was a water bottle in my kitchen that had ripple vibrations from the low frequency vibrations that originated 2 miles away!

      1. Staff

        Ms. Coffey,

        We have it on good authority that a lawnmower has a higher noise level then 85d.

        Thank you for reading!

        1. anonymous

          Have you ever stood next to a lawnmower for 4 hours straight? Or 12 hours? It is unpleasant and not intended as long-term exposure. And lawn mower engines are mostly within normal human hearing range, unlike those concerts which were heavy on damaging low-frequency vibrations. Do research a little deeper than Google and you’ll find that the further a noise is from human hearing on the spectrum (either low or high), the more damage it causes to human physiology. See how anyone living hear the airport on SH21 feels about those “mere 85 dB.”


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